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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 26 December 2023

“You may learn much more from a game you lose than from a game you win.” — Jose Capablanca

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Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Since yore last open thread

The Vikings Should Take a Chance and Start Jaren Hall

D.J. Wonnum suffers partially torn quad, likely done for season

Report: Initial outlook on T.J. Hockenson’s knee injury “not good”

NFL Opening Odds: Vikings open as slight favorites for home finale

Have yourself a Merry Christmas Mock

NFC Playoff Picture: Vikings no longer in, but there is some hope

2023 NFL Week 17: Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings

Other Vikings News

Vikings will take a long look at whether to bench Nick Mullens, play Jaren Hall

O’Connell Provides Vikings Injury Updates After Week 16 Game vs. Lions

Monday Morning Mailbag: Vikings Play Lions Close But Unable to Prevail

Top 10 most Minnesota Vikings-esque Vikings stories of 2023

NFL News

NFL power rankings: Ravens rout 49ers for undisputed top spot; Chiefs slip behind Browns, Bills for Week 17

21. Minnesota Vikings 7-8 (19)
The Vikings are doing their best to get good QB play minus Kirk Cousins, but the turnovers remain the issue and now more injuries have hit their receiving corps. The defense can’t hold up well that way, putting the wild-card hopes on the edge.

NFL Week 17 Power Rankings: Surging Rams deserve your attention, crack top 10; Chiefs offense in free fall

18 VIKINGS The defense has had major issues the past few weeks, which is surprising. They still have a playoff shot, but they will need help.

PFT’s Week 17 2023 NFL power rankings

23. Vikings (7-8, No. 18): It’s too late to give up on Nick Mullens.

NFL Power Rankings: Chiefs need some work, but here’s why you shouldn’t count out Patrick Mahomes

17. Minnesota Vikings (7-8, LW: 14)
Just when we thought Jameis Winston wouldn’t be a big part of this 2023 season, he somehow assumed the identity “Nick Mullens.” Mullens is Jameis Lite, with the possibility of a 60-yard highlight or the worst interception you’ve seen on every pass attempt. Not good for the blood pressure of any Vikings fan or coach.

This is for the Super NERDs. No need to name names.

NFL season-long statistical review after Week 16: Team tiers, dropback outcomes and more

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