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Vikings are the favorite to sign QB Russell Wilson

But. . .should they even consider it?

New England Patriots v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

While the NFL offseason is a few months away from today, the Minnesota Vikings are the current odds-on favorite to land Russell Wilson amongst the news of his release coming soon in Denver. While his time in Denver may be short lived, Russell Wilson has proved to have at least shown the ability to improve from his struggles last season, leading the once red-hot Broncos on a winning streak that still has them in the hunt for the final AFC Wild Card Spot. Many of us believe that Kirk Cousins will be coming back for a revenge year or so, but the Vikings have the chance to do something pretty funny here if they were to sign Russell Wilson during the offseason.

Yes, the Minnesota Vikings would probably love to have Kirk around until he decides to retire under the right circumstances. With his endorsement from the team's best player in Justin Jefferson, saying the downfall of the team this year is just a representation of how valuable Kirk Cousins really is to this team, and he couldn’t be more right. But let’s just say for happenstance the Vikings, Kwesi Adofo-Mensah, Kevin O’Connell, and the Wilfs, don’t love the fact that Kirk is getting older, and he just suffered a major injury. Do they take a chance on #8 to lead this team to the promise land after 5 unsuccessful years and now the injury?

Russell Wilson would come in as a veteran with obviously more playoff experience than many of the current NFL starting quarterbacks, and he still throws one of the most beautifully iconic deep balls in league history. Him, Justin Jefferson, Jordan Addison, and TJ Hockenson would all mesh together in the offseason and the offense would have a whole new potential. Schematically, the offense wouldn’t change much. Russell Wilson has thrived in pass-first, play-action style offenses just like the offense KOC runs for Kirk. If the Vikings decide to cut ties with Kirk and sign Wilson to a somewhat team-friendly deal, the Vikings could invest their higher picks in the 2024 NFL Draft in other areas of need. Better yet? The Vikings would have a legitimate shot at a Super Bowl title and what better way to win one than with Sean Peyton’s old quarterback that he thought was no good after said QB single handedly saved the Broncos’ season after they started the season 1-5.

This is all hypothetical as of now, but the potential is definitely real. The Wilfs and Kwesi have been known to take their shots at players in the open market to try and “win now”. No attempts have proven fruitful thus far, but hey, shooters shoot. How would you feel if the Vikings decided to part ways with Kirk Cousins and opted for Russell Wilson instead? If Justin Jefferson approves of this change at QB, would you?