This Has Me A Little Concerned About The Minnesota Vikings Future

Does anyone else get the feeling that the Minnesota Vikings are going to be in serious trouble in the NFC North for the foreseeable future ? When you look at the Detroit Lions on the rise and a very young and talented roster , the Chicago Bears having a lot of salary cap space as well as very high draft capital and the Green Bay Packers youth and talent is anyone concerned ? I think the Lions are just starting their dominance and the Bears and Packers have a lot of young talent as well as the Bears having high draft picks next spring. The Packers and Jordan Love looked fantastic last night against the Super Bowl champions. So where does that leave the Minnesota Vikings ? Do you think that they will become the doormats of the NFC North ? I am not sure this gm or coach has the skill to get us to where we need to be not only to compete for the division title but also the Super Bowl. I really hope I am wrong about this but in watching the other 3 teams in this division it has me thinking that it may be a very long time before the Vikings can be real contenders. Any thoughts on this ?

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