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Green Bay Packers QB Comparison: Week 17

Jaren Hall gets another (and this time proper) chance

Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons
“Moments before disaster”
Photo by Alex Slitz/Getty Images

Well, it’s a de-facto elimination game, for both teams in Minnesota on New Year’s Eve in primetime.

The Minnesota Vikings and Jaren Hall take on the Green Bay Packers and Jordan Love for a massive leg up in the race for the NFC’s wild card spot. As DN’s fearless leader Chris Gates pointed out in an earlier article, I sympathize with both main factions of Vikings fans here:

  • If we win and continue on to contend seriously for the spot in the dance, we can all hang our hats on a potential postseason birth for one more week. We’ll still have a chance, just like Jim Carey in Dumb & Dumber (cue the gifs in the comments). Like Gates, I can’t not root against the Vikings, especially if that means sweeping the season series against the cheeseheads. At least that gives us bragging rights over our main division rivals.
  • If we lose, well, we likely get a better draft pick. GMs can still pooch that one (cough, Lewis Cine, cough), but it’s a silver lining.

With that being said, let’s dive into a purely statistical breakdown of each starting QB in the Week 17 clash at US Bank Stadium.

Jordan Love: 3587 (pass) yds, 27 TDs (+3 rushing TDs), 11 INTs, 67% Completion, 7.0 Yds/ATT, 7-8 record, and 29 sacks. Love has fumbled the ball 8 times, losing the ball 2 times. 957 offensive snaps.

Jaren Hall: 101 yds, 0 TDs (rushing and Passing), 0 INTs, 80% Completion (8/10), 10.1 Yds/Attempt, 1-0 record (thanks Josh Dobbs), 1 sack, 0 fumbles... 22 offensive snaps.

It’s a comparison, yes, but what really matters here (like when they play the game) isn’t the stats. With that...

Jaren Hall

Outside of hype, there isn’t much to be written about Hall who through little fault of his own had his chance at leading an NFL offense squandered. He didn’t do himself any favors by rushing headlong into what he knew was going to be a tough hit, but come hell or high water he was going to try to get in that end zone. It was an admirable (if a little stupid) rookie play.

Josh Dobbs then came in, and after a couple electric games, led the Vikings into the QB morass of Weeks 11-16 along with Nick Mullens.

It’s important to note here that Hall has faced the Packers before in this stage season - it was very much his ‘Welcome to the NFL’ moment after suddenly and unexpectedly having to initially takeover for the hurt Kirk Cousins.

Hall didn’t do great in that limited experience, going 3 for 4 with 23 yards and a sack, while rushing the ball twice for -1 yard. It wasn’t the stats though... Hall clearly looked shaky, and many Vikings fans including myself were just hoping the team held for dear life and didn't turn the ball over to allow Green Bay back into the game. That was a success.

All eyes were then directed towards the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, where the Vikings would experience one of the wildest games of their season. Hall would go 3-and-out on his first drive, but get the ball back after the Falcons kicked a field goal to open the scoring.

What would ensue on his second whack was a very impressive drive which went:

18-yard completion (Mundt), penalty (offense), rush - no gain (Mattison), 47-yard completion (Mattison), 9-yard completion (B. Powell), 4-yard completion (Osborn), -4-yard rush (Mattison), -3 yard rush (Mattison), and an incompletion to bring up the 3rd and goal where Hall got concussed.

And that, up until now, was that for Hall’s season.

During that last drive he showed some flash with both his arm and his legs and did enough to make Vikings fans wonder what could have been (the theme of this year) had he not got injured. Thankfully, Dobbs came in and heroically led the Vikings to victory.

Receiving Corps for Week 17: Justin Jefferson (who had a phenomenal game last week), KJ Osborn, Brandon Powell. and likely a not-100% Jordan Addison.

Jordan Love

I’m not going to call Jordan Love’s maiden NFL season as a #1 starter great but I’m not going go call it bad either. He’s pretty much the average NFL QB this year, and hasn’t missed a game yet, which in this season’s NFL, is an accomplishment in its own right.

It’s a sort of ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ season for Love, who can do everything well, but doesn't grab your attention with any one facet of his game.

Against Minnesota in week 8, Hall struggled against a Brian Flores defense that was revving up its reputation as a formidable NFL unit.

He went 24 for 41 with 229 yards and 1 TD while going for 24 yards on the ground over 4 attempts. He was sacked 4 times in the contest, which the Vikings will have to re-create to have a great shot tonight. He also threw a pick and fumbled the ball once (recovered by GB).

The key to limiting Love will be keeping him contained and forcing him to make quick decisions in the pocket, in other words, limiting his mobility. His receiving corps is decidedly not what the Vikings’ is and will likely struggle against a decent Vikings secondary.

Love is no stranger to close games as well, such as last week’s in Carolina. We’ll need to force Love into being the QB he was against the New York Giants and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, not the QB that beat the Kansas City Chiefs and led a remarkable 4th-quarter comeback against the New Orleans Saints in week 3.

Receiving Corps for Week 17: Christian Watson (doubtful), Dontavion Wicks (Questionable), Romeo Doubs, Malik Heath.