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Did Kevin O’Connell Make The Right Call? Vikings vs Raiders Preview Week 14

Dive into the latest episode of Two Old Bloggers with Darren and Dave, where we dissect the controversial quarterback decision, applaud the defensive breakthrough, and preview the crucial game against the Raiders. Explore the implications of sticking with Josh Dobbs, marvel at Brian Flores’ transformative impact on the defense, and gear up for the Viking’s final face-off against the AFC West. Join us for an episode packed with expert insights, animated debates, and thorough football analysis. SKOL!

Welcome back to another episode of Two Old Bloggers with Darren Campbell and Dave Stefano. Today, we’re diving deep into the world of the Minnesota Vikings, discussing the quarterback controversy, applauding the work of defensive coordinator Brian Flores, and previewing the upcoming game against the Raiders.

Dobbs or Mullens? O’Connell’s Quarterback Decision

The buzz around Kevin O’Connell’s decision to stick with Josh Dobbs as the starting quarterback has been the talk of the town. Despite Dobbs’ horrifying performance against Chicago on Monday Night Football, O’Connell has decided to stick with him, bypassing Nick Mullens and Jaren Hall.

As we see it, there’s no right answer here. All three options have their pros and cons. Mullens is a reliable veteran but lacks Dobbs’ arm strength and mobility. Hall is a wildcard with no track record of success or failure in the NFL. On the other hand, Dobbs, despite his lows, has shown his highs to be very high, which O’Connell believes might be enough to give the Vikings the best chance at a playoff spot.

O’Connell’s decision is clearly not about chasing after the shiny new toy. It’s about making a calculated decision based on the potential highs and lows Dobbs can bring to the team. Is it the right move? Time will tell.

Brian ‘The Maestro’ Flores and the Vikings’ Defense

Moving on from the quarterback drama, we want to give a shout-out to Brian Flores. The defensive coordinator has done a fantastic job with the Vikings' defense, helping them rank 8th in points against and defensive DVOA this season.

Flores has managed to extract exceptional performances from players who were struggling under the previous defensive coordinator, Ed Donatell. Jordan Hicks, Danielle Hunter, Josh Metellus, and Cam Bynum are just a few names that have blossomed under Flores’ guidance.

Vikings vs Raiders: The Showdown

Finally, we look forward to the Vikings’ final game against the AFC West this season, against the Las Vegas Raiders. The Raiders, under interim head coach Antonio Pierce, have shown resilience and played inspired football.

The Vikings will need to keep Raiders’ power runner, Josh Jacobs, in check, while ensuring rookie QB Aidan O’Connell doesn’t find easy throws to wide receivers Davante Adams and Jakobi Meyers.

The return of Justin Jefferson to the Vikings’ offense is a welcome addition, but with Josh Dobbs at the helm, it remains uncertain how effectively he can be utilized.

The game also puts the spotlight on the Vikings’ offensive line, which needs to step up, particularly Brian O’Neill, after their poor pass-blocking performance against the Bears.

That’s it for this week’s episode of Two Old Bloggers. As always, we appreciate your support and look forward to discussing more Vikings football with you next week. Go Vikes!

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