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SB Nation Reacts Results: Will the Vikings make the playoffs?

Let’s see what our readers think

Cleveland Browns v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Ric Tapia/Getty Images

We have our latest round of SB Nation Reacts results about our Minnesota Vikings, so let’s take a look and see what our readers think about our favorite team as they head into the home stretch of the 2023 season.

Our first question this week, as always, is how confident you are in the direction of the team. Apparently the bye week has brought a bit of cause for optimism, because we’re back above the 50% mark in terms of how many folks think the team is heading in the right direction.

Of those who responded to our survey, 53% feel that the Vikings are heading in the right direction. That number was down in the 40s last week, so maybe the return of Justin Jefferson and another week to get the quarterback situation settled down has brought about a more positive attitude concerning the team.

Well, for this week, anyway. I say that because our other question for this week had to do with whether or not you think the Vikings will find their way into the 2023 NFL playoffs, and the outlook from our readers there isn’t quite as rosy.

Just 46% of the folks that responded to our survey believe that the purple will make a push to the 2023 postseason. As we’ve said numerous times, the Vikings could have pretty much salted a playoff spot away by now, but by blowing late leads in their two games leading up to the bye week (and by turning the ball over constantly in those games as well), they’re now going to have to fight off a bunch of other teams if they want to play beyond Week 18. Apparently, the majority of our readers don’t think they can get it done.

Those are our SB Nation Reacts results for the Minnesota Vikings for this week. We’ll be back next week with a new round of questions for you to make your opinions known on.

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