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Kirk Cousins “duets” with Kelly Clarkson at NFL Honors

Yeah. . .that happened

12th Annual NFL Honors - Arrivals Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

If we’ve learned anything about Kirk Cousins over the course of this past NFL season, it’s that the man knows enough not to take himself too seriously. We got another example of that last night at the NFL Honors ceremony, as the Minnesota Vikings quarterback shared the stage with one of music’s biggest stars.

During the ceremony, there was a bit of a tribute to the recently retired Tom Brady. Cousins came out and did his own bit of singing. . .not so much a “tribute” as a “we’re happy you’re not here anymore” sort of thing. This was all done to the tune of Clarkson’s past hit, “Since You’ve Been Gone.”

Clarkson then. . .mercifully. . .took over at the end of the song and finished the segment.

I don’t think we can expect an album from Kirko Chainz. . .and you’ll note that the chains were in full effect. . .but this was still a pretty nice moment from last night’s award ceremony that Vikings fans will enjoy. Well, the ones that don’t just irrationally hate QB1, anyway.