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Super Bowl LVII Discussion

It’s the final game of the year, folks.

NFL: Super Bowl LVII-City Scenes Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s finally upon us, ladies and gentlemen. The road that began with Training Camps back in July and August reaches its conclusion tonight as the Kansas City Chiefs face the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII.

(Again, for you non-Romans, that’s 57.)

Whether you’re watching for the game or the commercials or the halftime show or whatever it might be, there’s a very good chance that you’re going to be watching tonight’s game. So, we’ve got a spot for you to hang out and watch it with your fellow Minnesota Vikings fans.

We’re probably not going to do multiple threads for this one, unless the number of comments somehow gets really crazy. So, if you’re wanting to hang out with some familiar folks, come on in and join us.

Things will be kicking off from Glendale in approximately half an hour, and we hope that you’ll join us for at least part of this one. After all, this is the last game that matters until September.