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What would you like to see here at DN?

It’s time to open the virtual suggestion box

The 2023 NFL season is officially in the books. Of course, we know that it’s been over for our Minnesota Vikings for about a month already, which wasn’t what we were hoping for, obviously.

However, that just means we’re now on to the offseason. Things are going to slow down a bit as far as news is concerned. . .like, actual transaction-type news and that sort of thing. So, as the person in charge, I want to hear from you folks about what you’d like to see more of from our coverage during this offseason.

Pretty soon we’ll be getting into looks at free agency and the draft. . .after all, the 2023 NFL Draft is only about ten weeks away (and still can’t get here soon enough). But other than that, what kind of things do you want to see us cover or talk about here?

Let us know what some of your thoughts and ideas are and we’ll see if we can’t bring those sorts of things to you. After all, the NFL is a year-round phenomenon now and we’ve got a pretty solid community here, so we want folks to have stuff to check out and give us feedback on during these less exciting times of the calendar year.

So, feel free to drop some comments below and let us know your thoughts on what we should be taking a look at as we move through the early stages of the offseason.

Thanks in advance, folks!