2023 DN Live Draft: Time to play GM !!

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Looking for 16 GM's to draft for NFL teams. 1-NFC & 1-AFC team per GM. Was fun last year. Open to various ideas. Setting a date to all get together for a draft night much like FF... get thru a few rounds in a hurry... or run an open draft section like gang green does & GM's draft when they have time. I'll update this as GM's confirm they are in & their teams of choice.

1. TimothyK-- Seahawks & Steelers

2. benjaman-- Vikings & Colts

3. MarkSP18-- Bears & Texans

4. NM_Vike-- Lions & Raiders

5. Fran & Son-- Cards & Jets

6. 28for20-- Falcons & Bengals

7. ON Viking-- Eagles & Titans

8. Outwest63-- Pukers & Chargers

9. Mots-- Panthers & Jags

10. wesvolk1-- Commanders & Patriots

11. Teddy2Diggs-- Giants & Bills

12. VikingsFanInChennai-- Cowboys & Chiefs

13. Dustdevilx-- Saints & Ravens

14. Wisco-Viking-- Bucaneers & Broncos

15. Joe Despeville-- Rams & Dolphins

16. szilip-- 49ers & Brownies

Maybe draft in late March / early April ?? March 31st is a Friday so maybe that date can work for the GM's. Leave a comment below including which teams you prefer. Teams will be awarded in the order which they were confirmed. Sign-up early to get the teams you want !!

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