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Vikings, Dalvin Tomlinson agree to move contract void date

The situation has changed

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Earlier this week, we spoke about how the contracts of defensive lineman Dalvin Tomlinson and cornerback Patrick Peterson had been voided, adding dead money to the Minnesota Vikings’ salary cap situation and subtracting from the chances that they might return to the purple next season.

Well, as of today, one of those situations has changed markedly.

The Vikings and Tomlinson came to an agreement to move the void date for his contract to 15 March, which coincides with the start of free agency.

This means that the two sides can still work out an extension to prevent all of the dead money that the voiding of Tomlinson’s contract would have brought to the Vikings’ from hitting this season. It also significantly increases the chance that Tomlinson will be back with the team, as bringing him back after that sort of dead money hit wouldn’t have made a whole lot of sense.

Tomlinson has been quite good for the Vikings over the course of the past two seasons. He missed several games this season with an injury but was very productive while he was on the field and could be someone that Brian Flores wants to build his defensive front around in his first season as the team’s defensive coordinator.

My guess is that the two sides are working on something to help keep Tomlinson with the Vikings going forward. Whether or not it happens anytime soon is another matter, but when it happens we will let you know about it right away.