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Vikings Report LIVE: Defensive Coordinator talk and other chicanery

We’re doin’ it live!

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re here to break up your offseason blues with a brand new episode of Vikings Report with Drew and Ted. . .and we’re doin’ it live!

Yes, yours truly is set to join our friends Ted Glover and Drew Bunting for a live episode of their award-winning* and widely-acclaimed** podcast. When the show starts at approximately 2 PM Central time, you’ll be able to see it right here.

The big topic du jour for our Minnesota Vikings is the ongoing search for a defensive coordinator, one that has been going on since a few days after the Wild Card Weekend loss to end the season. There are still a couple of candidates that are out there, but could the Vikings be looking elsewhere? We’ll talk about that and a whole lot more.

You can either watch the show in the embedded video above or you can go to the Vikings Report with Drew and Ted page on YouTube so that you can interact with the other viewers and with the show in general. You might even get an opportunity to win some swag!

So, we hope that you enjoy today’s LIVE episode of Vikings Report with Drew and Ted. We’re going to enjoy doing it, and if you have any feedback for us feel free to leave it here or on the YouTube page.

* - I don’t know if they’ve ever won any awards.

** - I’m not sure if they’ve been acclaimed by anyone, either, but it’s still a great podcast.