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Brian Flores, The Vikings, & Senior Bowl Week

Big news breaks right before the show start and Vikings fans can breathe easier as the team hires their new defensive coordinator, Brian Flores. What will he bring to the team and how does Tyler’s scouting at the Senior Bowl figure into it all? SKOL!

On this The Real Forno Show - *** BREAKING NEWS *** The Minnesota Vikings' search for a defensive coordinator is over. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter and others confirming, the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive assistant Brian Flores is accepting the Vikings defensive coordinator position and Tyler reports on it to start off the show.

The Senior Bowl has been completed and the NFL draft is getting closer. We gathered a lot of information from a majority of the players that will be drafted come April. Your Minnesota Vikings will be part of that. They were spotted scouting players they will evaluate and place on their draft board. Did Kwesi Adofo-Mensah like what he saw?

Tyler Forness spent the entire week down in Mobile and had some major takeaways, including his top 10 players from the week. Will the Vikings select any of these guys?

Coming from that week, Tyler also has his second mock draft release for Vikings Wire early on Monday morning. Check it out HERE.

  • Brian Flores hired
  • Senior Bowl round up
  • Tyler’s mock 2.0
  • What mockers think

All of that and more on Monday night’s The Real Forno Show! Live at 6 pm central.

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