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Jared Allen still chasing competitive curling dreams

And he got a big boost this weekend

Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings
Jared Allen (right) has continued pursuing his dreams of curling glory
Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Former Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen is still awaiting word of whether or not he’s going to be heading to Canton this year. This past weekend, his focus was on Ottawa, Canada.

Ottawa is where the World Curling Championships will be held this April, and Allen is on a team that pulled off a significant upset in the U.S. Championships yesterday. Team Smith, which Allen is a part of, took down Team Shuster in the opening round of the tournament.

Team Shuster, of course, is the team out of Duluth that won the 2018 Olympic gold medal and finished fourth in the 2022 games. It’s only one match, but it’s still a pretty significant upset in the world of curling.

Team Smith followed that victory up with a second victory on Monday to push their record to 2-0. If you want to check out all the hot curling action, USA Curling has video of both matchups, which we’ll embed for you right here.

The U.S. Championships are an eight-team affair, with each team playing all seven of the other teams in a round-robin format. The winners of the U.S. Championship will punch their tickets to the World Championships in Ottawa.

Best of luck to Jared Allen and the rest of Team Smith during the rest of the tournament!