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NFL sets fifth year option amounts

This is relevant to our interests

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images

We’ve reached the part of the offseason where teams are going to have to decide whether or not to pick up the fifth-year options on players that were drafted in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. And while the Minnesota Vikings haven’t formally announced that they’re picking up the fifth-year option on wide receiver Justin Jefferson. . .well, they’re going to.

Today, the league has released the amounts for those fifth-year options, based on the level of success a player has achieved since entering the league.

Jefferson’s fifth-year option will cost the Vikings $19,743,000. . .which is going to look like a freaking bargain compared to whatever sort of extension he’s going to receive at some point this offseason. Jefferson is set to reset the market at the wide receiver position, and deservedly so.

The Vikings will also have to make a decision on another receiver, that being Jalen Reagor. Reagor’s fifth-year option is going to be significantly less expensive. . .$12,987,000, to be exact. I have a funny feeling that the Vikings will not be picking up Reagor’s fifth-year option, but I’ve been wrong before.

(I’m not wrong about that one.)

Teams have until the week after the 2023 NFL Draft to decide whether or not they’re going to be picking up fifth-year options. I’m not sure when the earliest a team can make that announcement is, but the Vikings should probably be making that announcement about five minutes after they have the opportunity to do so.