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Justin Jefferson talks with Jim Rome about his 2022 season

Live from Radio Row

NFL: Pro Bowl Games-NFC Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Jefferson, like so many other NFL players, is hanging out in Arizona this week ahead of Super Bowl Sunday. On Thursday, the Minnesota Vikings star sat down with Jim Rome to talk about his 2022 season.

You can listen to the entire interview that Jefferson did with Rome right here.

I’m not going to spoil any of the interview. . .it’s not really that long, which isn’t surprising given that there are probably a lot of things like these for people to get through on Radio Row. However, I will say that Jefferson feels that he was cheated out of getting 2,000 yards this season. Why does he say that? You’ll have to listen to find out.

We know that Justin Jefferson is just getting started in what’s shaping up to be one of the all-time great careers for an NFL wide receiver. If anyone is going to eclipse the 2,000-yard mark at some point, it’s going to be Jefferson. Here’s hoping it happens sooner rather than later.

Enjoy the interview, folks!