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Vikings ace their report card

The team ranked top in the NFL based on an NFLPA survey.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings-Training Camp Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, the Vikings are champions of the NFL.

At least when it comes to the working conditions for their players.

According to an NFLPA survey of 1,300 players, the Minnesota Vikings have the best conditions for players in the entire NFL.

Each of the 32 teams were ranked on an A to F grade scale in the following categories:

  • Treatment of Families
  • Nutrition
  • Weight Room
  • Strength Staff
  • Training Room
  • Training Staff
  • Travel

NFLPA President JC Tretter outlined the purpose and results of the survey in a note on Wednesday. The survey was intended to be a de facto “Free Agency Guide” and help “highlight positive clubs” while “identifying clubs that need improvement.”

The Vikings were resoundingly highlighted as a positive club. The team received an A or an A+ ranking on every single one of the categories in the survey, with the lone exception of an A- in the Nutrition category. According to their individual team report, the Vikings ranked no worse than 5th of the 32 teams in any category. And the grades certainly weren’t inflated like when you see no team getting worse than a “C” in their draft grades; at least one team received an “F-” grade in all but one category.

The straight As put the Vikings as the top-ranked team in the NFL on the report card, followed by the Dolphins and Raiders. Unsurprisingly, the Washington Commanders received the lowest ranking in the NFL, getting a D+ grade or worse in five of the seven categories.

While these grades are fairly arbitrary as it pertains to wins and losses on the field, it can’t hurt when it comes to creating a positive outlook for potential free agent coaches and players alike. The Vikings have definitely put in a lot of work to have one of the best staffs and facilities in the NFL, and this report card shows that all the work is being noticed across the league.