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Current State of the Vikings offense

A look at the offense heading into free agency

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

The Minnesota Vikings have started their offseason by shedding cap hits, and veterans. With the releases of veteran wide receiver Adam Thielen and linebacker Eric Kendricks, some the fans are already questioning the future moves of the team. With Dalvin Cook rumored to be unwiling to take a pay cut, almost insuring his departure, and Alexander Mattison ready to test free agency, the Vikings are starting off the off season short handed on offense.

It’s also been rumored that veteran starting quarterback, Kirk Cousin’s contract extension talks have simmered. That will put questions in the minds of many of a possible trade before the season starts, or letting Kirk play out his last year and allowing him to walk next year in Free Agency. With the quarterback depth being lackluster and the lack of draft capital the Vikings have this year, it’s almost out of the question as to if the team would take a QB in April’s draft.

As of now, the starting receivers for the Vikings are Justin Jefferson, KJ Osborn, and Jalen Reagor or Jalen Nailor. So, there’s clearly a lack of depth AND talent in this unit. A lot of speculation is swirling that the Vikings would be willing to bolster this group with their first round pick this year.

The running back unit is not much different than that of our receiving unit. As of now, the Vikings running backs are Ty Chandler and Kene Nwangwu. All though it seems the team is in talks with re-signing Mattison, I don’t see it likely he strikes a deal with the team. Plenty of teams have recently spent late round picks in the draft and have found success, and for a much cheaper option, Mattison doesn't have the complete skill set as most backs who get a second contract have.

We could even speculate the offensive line but at this point, it’s our deepest part of our team offensively, which in past years has not been the case. We have our two franchise tackles and, honestly, we’ve been plugging and playing the center and guard spots recently so it’d be nice to see that change.

With all of these holes in the Vikings offense, where does Kwesi start? And how long until we find out the future status of our starting quarterback? A lot to unpack as a Vikings fan as we head into the legal tampering window.