2023 DN Live Draft: Friday March 31st / 6:30 PM CT / GM Confirmation's & Trade Talk.

Best NFL Draft Day Memes 2022 - Get Ready For Some Football!

Greetings DN GM's !! This is the final fanpost for GM's to confirm the draft date & time. Please confirm you'll be able to make the draft. GM's with no RD1 pick... I encourage you to come join us !! We are hoping to get two rounds in on the 31st. Time to start working on those savvy trade deals if you're thinking about offering one up this year.


1. Mots: Panthers & Jags--- confirmed

2. MarkSP18: Bears & Texans--- confirmed

3. Fran & Son: Cards & Jets--- confirmed

4. benjaman: Vikings & Colts--- confirmed

5. TimothyK: Seahawks & Steelers--- confirmed

6. NM_Vike: Lions & Raiders--- confirmed

7. 28for20: Falcons & Bengals--- confirmed

8. ON Viking: Eagles & Titans--- confirmed

9. wesvolk1: Commanders & Patriots--- confirmed

10. Outwest63: Pukers & Chargers--- confirmed

11. Wisco-Viking: Buccaneers & Broncos--- confirmed

12. Dustdevilx: Saints & Ravens--- confirmed

13. Teddy2Diggs: Giants & Bills--- confirmed

14. VikingsFanInChennai: Cowboys & Chiefs--- confirmed

15. Joe Despeville: Rams & Dolphins--- confirmed

16. szilip: 49ers & Brownies--- confirmed



GM"s please check in & confirm !! If you don't confirm by the 28th... other DN draft fans have offered to step-in. If you can't make the 31st & want to submit a wish-list just let us know. The goal is to get two rounds in quick if all 16 GM's can gather on the 31st. 16 days away so I hope everyone can make it !!

Any trade offers you were working on in the prior fanpost please re-submit them below in the comments. Cheers !!

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