Has Your Opinion on Kirk's Future Changed?

Hi everyone,

I know some of you are sick of Kirk posts, but it is the most important element to the future of this team, SO CRAM ANOTHER POST DOWN YOUR THROAT!!

Anyway, here's what we think we know:

  • KAM has talked to Kirk's agent about an extension, but those talks didn't seem to go too far. I'm assuming the price, length and/or guaranteed money are too far apart to get far down the road on discussions.
  • New info (at least to me): Apparently, the Vikings don't get a compensatory pick for Cousins if he plays this last year and leaves due to the void years added to his contract.
I've never been on team extension, but I thought playing out the last year was acceptable. However, now I'd rather see the Vikings get what they can now and trade Cousins if he'll allow it and if there is a suitor.

Look at the moves so far and the cap space. The cap IS REAL friends and it looks like the Vikings brass is opting to pay the bill in 2023 and have lots of room for 2024 and moving forward. Due to these factors and the tougher, first place schedule the Vikings will have in 2023, our fav team isn't winning a Super Bowl in 2023 and may struggle to make playoffs. So, why not get draft capital now for Cousins? He's going to be gone at the end of the year anyway.

I still think that an extension could happen, but it's looking less likely than a month ago.

What say you? Has your opinion on what to do with Cousins changed? What would you do if you were the GM?

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