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We’ve got another Vikings Report Rewind LIVE tonight!

And we hope you’ll join us

As promised. . .or threatened, depending on your viewpoint. . .we are back again tonight with another episode of Vikings Report Rewind LIVE!

You can join the show, as always, in one of two ways. . .you can either watch on the video embed below, or you can head on over to the Vikings Report with Drew and Ted page on YouTube and watch there, which will allow you to interact with the show and other viewers. Your comments could, potentially, win you some swag as well.

Pretty much everything that the Minnesota Vikings have done in free agency began happening immediately after we finished Monday’s episode, so we have no shortage of things to talk about this evening. We’ll try to touch on all of the moves the team has made over the course of the last 72 hours or so.

We hope that you enjoy tonight’s broadcast as much as we’ll enjoy bringing it to you, and we hope you’ll leave us some feedback, whether it’s here or on the YouTube page.

We’ll see you in a few minutes, folks!