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Daily Norseman’s 2023 Vikings’ Free Agency Grades and Review: Analyzing Every Move So Far

The Daily Norseman staff review and grade the Vikings’ free agent additions.

One week into the start of the league year, the Daily Norseman staff comes together to analyze and grade each move from the Vikings off-season so far.

Key Moves

Signing Josh Oliver, TE, Baltimore Ravens

Contract Details: 3yr/21m (10.7 gtd)

  • Spencer: The first major domino to fall in Kwesi Adofo-Mensah’s second off-season was greeted with harsh criticism as the contract details lagged behind the initial reports of 3 years for 21 million. Looking at the structure of the deal, it functionally is a 2 year deal worth about 12.8 million and 1.08 million of guaranteed cash only in year one. The league is seemingly headed toward a “big” personnel rebound in response to lighter and faster defenses, Oliver secures an extremely capable blocker to go alongside TJ Hockenson as the Vikings try to get ahead of the curve. Additionally, the Vikings are taking a low-risk, high-reward gamble on Oliver developing into a solid receiver; something he has the foundations for. Grade: B
  • Tyler: If you were to ask Vikings fans what the team’s biggest needs were heading into free agency, I guarantee that nobody would’ve said: “Gee, we could sure use another tight end!” Yet, Minnesota’s first free agent addition was Ravens TE Josh Oliver, a highly touted blocking tight end who ran a 4.6 40-yard dash at the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine. Maybe the Vikings see untapped potential in Oliver’s game they can unlock, but for now this is just a luxury signing for a team that had bigger needs coming out of the gate. Grade: C+
  • Eric: While it was a puzzling way to start the free agency period, the signing of Oliver makes more sense the more you think about it. The move indicates that the Vikings are making an attempt to zag before the rest of the league by playing more two-TE sets against defenses that largely play nickel and dime. I still think the price tag was pretty steep for a guy that has 26 career receptions, but Oliver’s impact will likely be largest in the run game. Grade: B-
  • Warren: The Oliver signing represents a scheme shift for Kevin O’Connell to greater use of 12 personnel. He was the best blocking TE in the league last season, so a premium contract for that role, but it could be a key role in a more balanced and consistent offense. Grade: B
  • Austin: Not exactly the guy that fans wanted to see signed first, but as versatile as Oliver was in Baltimore’s run game last year, we can expect the Vikings to use a two-TE set as a base offense. Overall, an upgrade at TE2. Grade: C+
  • Chris: It was a bit of a surprise to see the Vikings target the tight end position early on in the free agency process, but Oliver seems like the sort of guy that this regime is willing to take chances on. He didn’t do a lot of pass-catching in Baltimore with Mark Andrews in the house, and he probably won’t catch many in Minnesota with T.J. Hockenson getting established. Still, if the Vikings and Kevin O’Connell want to have a greater emphasis on running the ball in 2023, Oliver will definitely help them do that. Grade: B
  • Chris M: Nobody really expected this one, but I can’t say I’m disappointed. Adding an elite blocker will help the Vikings in the run game, which was the weak point of last year’s offense. Whoever the starting running back is next year will benefit from having Oliver on the team, and this move proves that the front office is trying to keep improving the already stacked offense. Grade: B+

Signing Marcus Davenport, EDGE, New Orleans Saints

Contract Details: 1yr/13m

  • Spencer: Davenport’s fit into a Brian Flores defense is awkward in a good way since Davenport possesses the skillset to play as a traditional outside linebacker (Shaq Lawson) and as a versatile piece on the defensive line (Emmanuel Ogbah). As a pass rusher, Davenport is comfortably in the good tier but he has the potential to develop into a premier threat off the edge. His lowest run defense grade is a solid 68.3 and in 2021 he ranked 6th in run stop rate. Availability is something that plagues Davenport, but that’s a bet I’ll gladly take. He adds additional value on top of his capability rushing the passer and defending the run through his versatility, something Brian Flores will weaponize next season. Oh, and he only costs 5.2 million against the cap this year on an extension-friendly deal. Grade: A
  • Tyler: I like this signing. Marcus Davenport may not have the sack numbers you want from an edge rusher, but he’s very good at generating pressure. He’s also much better against the run than Za’Darius is. Although Za’Darius Smith is the better player overall, the addition of Marcus Davenport on a one-year deal is a great low-risk, high-reward signing for the Vikings. Davenport will either be a part of the team’s young core if he plays well, or the team can simply move on from him after this season if he struggles. Grade: A
  • Eric: The Vikings’ general approach to free agency this offseason appears to be “fill in gaps where you can for 2023 but keep all your options open in 2024.” The Davenport move is just that. Yes, 2022 was definitely a down year for Davenport, but focusing on the 0.5 sacks (which he got against the Vikings in London, naturally) doesn’t tell the full story. Davenport still had 34 total pressures, only three fewer than Cameron Jordan. We could look back at this signing as one of the smarter moves of the year; we could also look back at this signing in a year and retrospectively give it an F, but by then the Vikings will be off the hook. It’s a low-risk move, even if $13 million is a bit higher than expected. Grade: B
  • Warren: From a talent standpoint, Davenport for $13M was a bargain. But he’s never played more than 50% of the defensive snaps in his five seasons in New Orleans, which goes beyond just his average of missing four games a season due to injury. If he only plays 50% of the defensive snaps this season, that’s not a bargain. They key will be if Davenport can go from part-time, oft-injured player in New Orleans to full-time standout in Minnesota. Worth the risk on a one-year prove-it deal, but it’s not a small risk either. Grade: B
  • Austin: Good value for a younger defensive lineman. I can’t see him coming in day one and bringing back the Purple People Eaters, but again, we had many holes to fill in an already lackluster defense and this gives the club depth at a very important position. Davenport can get after the quarterback, just has a tough time finishing the job and staying on the field. If coach O’Connell and Flores can get the most out of him, look for about 8 sacks. Grade: C+
  • Chris: Another signing that came a bit out of left field, particularly with the Za’Darius Smith situation (such as it is) being unresolved. Davenport is the ideal sort of player to give a “prove it” deal like this to, as he put up nine sacks in 2021 but completely fell off last season, at least in part due to injuries. If he can stay healthy, which has been his biggest problem in his NFL career, the Vikings will be very happy with this signing. Grade: B
  • Chris M: It seems like the Vikings are fully embracing the “Competitive Rebuild”, and this signing definitely fits that mold. Davenport was a bit expensive to add, but he fills a spot on the defense that needed to be filled. If he works out, great! They’ll try to sign him again next year when they have a lot more cap flexibility. If he’s a dud, no harm no foul. Grade: B+

Signing Byron Murphy, CB, Arizona Cardinals

Contract Details: 2yr/17.5m (12.6 gtd)

  • Spencer: Murphy is a living, breathing NFL cornerback so that alone is worth a B grade. But seriously, Murphy is a quality CB1 at an extremely reasonable price while only being 25 years old and he was my top CB target. The former Cardinal has experience working both on the boundary and in the slot, something the Vikings will value as they have yet to address the slot CB position. Murphy had some of his best film last season come against the best wideouts he faced, posting his highest coverage grades against the Raiders (Devante Adams), Vikings (Justin Jefferson), and the Eagles (AJ Brown and Devonta Smith). The film looks good and the contract looks even better. Grade: A
  • Tyler: This is another great signing by Kwesi Adofo-Mensah. Byron Murphy is one of the premier cornerbacks in this league, and Kwesi was able to get him on a discount. He does have a lingering back injury that put him on season-ending IR last season, but when healthy Murphy is an impact player. The Vikings needed an upgrade at slot corner in the worst way possible, and they massively improved at that position with this signing. Grade: A+
  • Eric: You had me at “the Vikings signed a cornerback.” It’s a bonus that the cornerback is actually pretty good and came with an affordable contract! But in all seriousness, there’s a good reason that everyone seems to be excited about the move. The folks at Pro Football Focus aren’t gigantic fans of Murphy (66.7 grade in 2022), but his performances against some of the best wide receivers in the league—including against Justin Jefferson—speak for themselves. Grade: A
  • Warren: I like Murphy as an inside/outside CB option for the Vikings that plays the slot in nickel situations. That would be a big upgrade from Chandon Sullivan last season at a very difficult position to field a quality starter. Contract was a good value for the team as well. Grade: A
  • Austin: This signing was more in the realm of Vikings fans. Waiting to see a bigger name come in, we sign a versatile cornerback who can play inside and outside of the numbers. Considering the price in which we got him, this is by far the best signing for the team who desperately needed some veteran help after the release of P2. Grade: B+
  • Chris: By far my favorite move of the offseason thus far. Murphy is going to give Brian Flores the sort of press-man cornerback that can truly thrive in this sort of defense and gives the cornerback room a bit of a veteran mentor with the departure of Patrick Peterson. Moreover, it gives the Vikings the ability to not be locked into the cornerback position in Round 1 of this April’s NFL Draft, which will help Kwesi Adofo-Mensah that much more. Grade: A
  • Chris M: Love to see it. Murphy was one of the top (if not the best) free agent cornerback available and the Vikings got him on a great contract. At only 25 years old, Murphy could potentially be an impact player for the Vikings for the next five to seven years. After this signing, I’m becoming convinced that the Vikings might draft a receiver with their first pick. Grade: A+

Signing Dean Lowry, DL, Green Bay Packers

Contract Details: 2yr/8.5m (4.2m gtd)

  • Spencer: Lowry followed up a great 2021 campaign with an underwhelming year in 2022. Although, the former Packer lead his team in pass rush win rate and pass rush productivity against true pass sets. Lowry grades out as mediocre against the run, with his career run defense grade hovering around the low 60s, but he has piled up 127 run stops in his career. He is a solid stop gap at the defensive end position on a manageable contract while the Vikings look to find a longer term, better answer to the position. Grade: C+
  • Tyler: Meh. He’s a decent rotational player on the interior with a good pressure rate, but don’t expect him to do much. Offenses targeted Lowry in the run game, and he wasn’t dominant enough on passing downs to excuse his negative value as a run defender. Hopefully, he isn’t anything more than a rotational player, because Green Bay’s defense was better as a whole without him. Grade: C
  • Eric: Are the Vikings contractually obligated to poach a veteran from the Packers every year? This one was pretty underwhelming for me. Every Packers fan in my life met this signing with a collective shrug of their shoulders. If Lowry is getting starter snaps in 2023, I’ll be concerned about the Vikings' defense. If he’s more of a rotational depth player, then I suppose the move is...fine. Grade: C-
  • Warren: This looks like a one-year bridge deal until Otomewo is ready to step up. Lowry is serviceable as a pass rusher, but has never been good. He’s a $2M cap hit this season, and the Vikings can exit the deal next year for $2M dead cap. Grade: C
  • Austin: As we all know, not every free agent signed is signed to be a starter. That being said, I think this was a solid move to bring in more depth along the defensive line. Hopefully, he will be just that, as maybe the Vikings look to add a younger more athletic option in the draft. Grade: C-
  • Chris: I’m not sure how excited to get over this one, to be honest. With Harrison Phillips and (likely) Khyiris Tonga starting on the defensive line with the departure of Dalvin Tomlinson, I thought the Vikings would give Esezi Otomewo the chance to be the third starter, and they still might. He’s got significantly more upside than Lowry has at this point, though Lowry’s steadiness might be appealing as well. Grade: C
  • Chris M: Could be worse, I guess. He’ll probably be used situationally in passing downs, but we’ll see what happens. Maybe Flores has something up his sleeve and magically turns Lowry into a monster. Grade: C+

Re-signing Garrett Bradbury, C

Contract Details: 3yr/15.75m (4.9 gtd)

  • Spencer: Bradbury is a slightly above average starting center, with familiarity to the team and quarterback, and was signed for less than he was projected. Looking deeper at his contract, there’s only 4.9 million of guaranteed money demonstrating a modicum amount of commitment. In an off-season with plenty of holes to fill, returning Bradbury as the starting center is a good move. The position will likely need to be revisited sooner rather than later, but the move is solid all around. Grade: B-
  • Tyler: This is the most controversial signing of free agency, and your perception of it will depend entirely on how you view Bradbury as a player. The contract itself seems reasonable, and the Vikings could easily move on from Bradbury before the three years are up. I just wonder if the Vikings could’ve found a better replacement in free agency or the draft. Bradbury has played well in spurts, but his pass blocking against elite DTs has been horrendous throughout his career. Has he really shown enough for the Vikings to hand him an extension? My gut says no. Grade: C+
  • Eric: If you would have told me a year ago that the Vikings re-signed Bradbury to be their starter for 2023, I would have flipped out like Michael Scott when Toby returned. But after Bradbury’s quasi-renaissance in 2022 and a price tag that came in below market value, I’m surprisingly OK with it. Am I still concerned about Bradbury getting steamrolled by larger defensive tackles? Absolutely. But I’m much more concerned about the development of Ed Ingram as it pertains to the success of the offensive line. Grade: B-
  • Warren: This is like an extension of Bradbury’s rookie contract in terms of the money commitment and is a tradeable contract as well. Extending Bradbury offers continuity and a chance for him to build on his break-out season last year, but the terms of the deal allow the Vikings to move on if Bradbury falters or a better option becomes available. Grade: B
  • Austin: When I saw the numbers of the contract is when I came to terms and realized that Bradbury did earn an extension last year. Bringing out the same offensive lineman as last year will be a nice change of pace as we don’t see that around here very often. I also believe the chemistry between our starting five will take them into a top 5 group next year, barring good health. Grade: B-
  • Chris: I think most folks were surprised by Bradbury re-signing, but it really isn’t an outrageous deal for a starting center. The way it’s structured, Bradbury basically gets a chance to prove himself in 2023 (after having his best season in 2022) and if he doesn’t step up the Vikings can part ways with him for minimal cost. If Kevin O’Connell can keep Bradbury on his upward trajectory, this could end up being a solid move. Grade: B
  • Chris M: I like it. The well was fairly dry of centers in free agency, and the best ones were too expensive. The Vikes need to use their top draft picks on other positions. If you think about it that way, Garrett is probably the most reasonable option they had. A solid player, a lower cap hit this year, and no additional picks were needed to sign him. Makes sense to me. The offense performed well with Bradbury, so I see no reason not to run it back. Grade: A

Re-signing Alexander Mattison, RB

Contract Details: 2yr/7m (6.35 gtd)

  • Spencer: Mattison is far from a lead back, but in a Dalvin Cook-less future he could thrive in a running back by committee approach. The #2 back ranked 40th in YAC/rush, 37th in missed tackles forced, 21st in pass blocking grade, and averaged 3.8 yards per carry. Alexander Mattison projects best as a one-two punch, hopefully with a talented day 2 or day 3 rookie. There’s a lot of guaranteed money in this deal, but I think I’m fine with it in this case. We know what type of player Mattison is, and while it’s a bit more than I would’ve liked, 3.5m AAV is fair for Mattison. If Dalvin Cook remains in Minnesota though, this move deserves more scrutiny. Grade: C+
  • Tyler: This is a good deal, regardless of what happens with Dalvin Cook. One of the best backup running backs in the league is getting paid backup money. Reminds me of the Kareem Hunt contract from a few years ago, only with a bit less upside. The Vikings could’ve moved on and saved a couple million, but I don’t think it would’ve been worth the risk. Mattison is under-appreciated, and he is a star in his role. Blocks well, runs hard, hurdles over guys. You could do a lot worse. Grade: B+
  • Eric: On its own, I like the signing. Mattison might not have the big play ability of Dalvin Cook, but he’s still a valuable running back and his contract is much more palatable. But as of right now, Dalvin Cook is still on the roster, and the Vikings simply have too much capital invested at a position that hasn’t been premium for several years. I’m hoping this grade is technically still “Incomplete” and the team makes another move after re-signing Mattison. Grade: B-
  • Warren: I like this signing if Mattison is RB1 in a committee approach. Mattison deserved the shot at RB1 and the deal is more team-friendly than a couple of other deals last week with similar backs. Grade: B
  • Austin: Would have liked to have seen the Vikings move on here. He did come back on a team-friendly deal which is a bonus, but again, Mattison never really earned RB1 money. If he is the starter for the Vikings next year my Grade: D, if he stays in a similar role he has been than I give it a C+ Grade.
  • Chris: I was pretty stunned by this signing, to be honest. I thought that Mattison would take his opportunity to go somewhere that would let him be the unquestioned #1 option in the backfield. . .although with Dalvin Cook’s status still up in the air, perhaps he’s done that by re-signing here. In today’s NFL, running back isn’t a premium position, and I’m hard-pressed to see how the Vikings keep Dalvin Cook in concert with this deal. Cook will probably be gone no later than Draft weekend and the Vikings will roll with a Mattison-led committee. Grade: B
  • Chris M: If Dalvin is gone, it’s a brilliant move. If Dalvin stays, I’m iffy on it. Cook gets hurt a lot, so it’s good to have Mattison on the roster as insurance, but there’s also Chandler and Nwangwu sitting there waiting for an opportunity. Cook needs to go. Grade: B-

Restructuring Kirk Cousins, QB

Contract Details: adds 2 void years in 2026 and 2027, creates 16m this year

  • Spencer: Beyond creating 16 million in cap space, restructuring Kirk gives the Vikings the opportunity to re-sign Kirk after the year if the team is in a suitable place and if Kirk continues to improve under Kevin O’Connell. With the addition of 2 more void years, it provides a rough framework for a potential long term extension. On the other side, it allows the Vikings to bite the bullet and move on from Kirk if needed. Grade: A-
  • Tyler: If the Vikings continue to be active in free agency this year, I have no problems with this. People are getting too worked up over the void years, when we’ll have plenty of money to extend and sign players in future years. Relax, the cap is a myth. Grade: A
  • Eric: Again, this appears to be the Vikings doing what they can to make ends meet in 2023 while leaving their options wide open for 2024. Eating over $28 million in dead cap if Cousins moves on after this season certainly isn’t ideal, but it isn’t franchise-crippling either, especially with another bump in the cap likely in 2024. If Cousins plays his way to another extension this season, so be it. But I like how this restructure allows the team to keep looking for the quarterback of the future while retaining the services of one of the most consistent commodities at the position. Grade: B
  • Warren: If this move was to create immediate cap space with the intent of working out the details of a Cousins extension later, or to facilitate a trade, then I’d give this a B grade. If it was done with the expectation of Cousins not being extended or traded, I’d give it a C or a D as the huge deadcap next season limits the Vikings options.
  • Austin: The Vikings were desperate to shed money this offseason and Kirk was willing to help out. It looks as if the current front office is giving Kirk one last chance at another big contract next year, or he is currently being shopped. Regardless this move was necessary no matter where Kirk ends up next year. Grade: A
  • Chris: People were going to complain whether QB1 got his money or not, so that doesn’t enter into things for me. I think this is leading to Cousins playing out the final year of his contract here in Minnesota, moving on in 2024, and Adofo-Mensah and O’Connell bringing in their quarterback of choice to helm the team for (hopefully) the long-term. In terms of helping the team, this is a good deal for Cousins and for the Vikings, and even with the dead cap hit next season if Cousins departs the Vikings will still be flush with cash to spend. Grade: A
  • Chris M: Another savvy move which gives the team flexibility in 2024. Love him or hate him, Kirk is back for 2023, and the 2024 offseason could be the final chapter of the annual Kirk debate. Or not. Who knows? That’s why we love the Vikings. Grade: A

Other Re-signings, Restructures, and Moves

Re-structuring Harrison Smith, SAF

  • Spencer: Harrison Smith just belongs in Minnesota, and more importantly he is staying in Minnesota at a much better price tag. Smith is not the same player he was back when the Vikings defense was suffocating offenses, but he is still extremely capable and should be back in a defense that maximizes his talents. Grade: A-
  • Tyler: The Vikings needed to keep a veteran or two around on defense, and I’m glad Harrison Smith was among them. The only downside, is that we won’t have Chris Tomasson around anymore to ask him if he’s staying beyond 2023. My advice is: If he stops posting pictures of Prince, then it’s time to panic. Grade: A+
  • Eric: I’m thrilled that Smith is likely to finish his incredible career as a Viking, and I’m excited to see what Brian Flores does with the Hitman this coming season. Smith excels when he’s lining up all over the field, causing pre-snap confusion, and generally being an agent of chaos. That was severely lacking in Donatell’s defense. Grade: B+
  • Warren: Smith still is an above average safety, and this keeps him for less than the dead cap would’ve been to release him. Grade: A
  • Austin: Possibly the most overlooked signing from the Viking’s offseason so far. With Lewis Cine working every day to get back, we may finally see an ELITE safety duo next year. We all know how versatile the Hitman is, so anytime a player of that caliber takes a hometown discount to stay with his team is a win. Grade: B
  • Chris: I’m a huge Harrison Smith fan, and even though this team appears poised for a youth movement in the secondary, it’s always nice to have guys like Harrison Smith around. He’s been a great Viking for the past 11 seasons, and even if he’s lost a step he can still be a solid member of this defense. Grade: A-
  • Chris M: Let’s go! I think Harry still has high-level play left in him, and I really hope he retires a Viking. A staple of the Vikings defense for years, and one of the final holdovers from the last NFC Championship run, the Hitman carries some kind of sentiment with him that reminds me of that magical season. And, this means I’ll get at least one more season of wearing his jersey before it becomes a vintage piece. Grade: A

Re-signing Greg Joseph, K

  • Spencer: Joseph is the definition of a roller coaster, but unfortunately it seems that he’s a required ride. The kicker pool in free agency is slim and the draft has mixed results when it comes to kickers. At least Joseph made a handful of game winners last year. Vikings fans better strap in for another year of rough kicker play. Grade: C
  • Tyler: I am the ultimate Greg Joseph hater, so I wasn’t thrilled to hear that we re-signed the guy. Everything about his game drives me crazy. Joseph will miss extra points at indoor stadiums, and miss chip shot field goals in close games. Then he’ll turn around the following week and drill a 61-yard game winner. What the f***? Nothing about this guy makes sense. Now my friends from The Love Boat podcast (Matt, Preet, Carter) get to have a laugh at my expense for ever doubting Greg Joseph in the first place. All I’m gonna say is, this guy better not miss an extra point ever again, or I’m gonna say “I told ya so.” Grade: G

Eric: Bringing Greg Joseph back is great for 3 reasons:

  1. Continuity is important in special teams.
  2. Joseph isn’t perfect, but he’s a lot better than most of the available alternatives.
  3. ...crap, I forgot the third reason. I guess you could say I missed the extra point. Grade: B
  • Warren: Decent value for a still young kicker, one-year prove-it deal too. Grade: B
  • Austin: Continuity stays the same with special teams as the Vikings bring back Greg Joseph. Has an issue with extra points for some reason, but I guess if we ask him to hit a 60-yarder to walk-off, we know he’s capable. Grade: C+
  • Chris: For the most part, you never know what you’re getting out of a kicker from one season to the next. So, Joseph gets a chance to reestablish himself (maybe Matt Daniels can lay it on a little less thick this offseason), but you can bet your bottom dollar that there’s going to be a kicking competition in Eagan this year. Grade: B
  • Chris M: He’s a good kicker, I could see them bringing in another at some point this offseason to give him some pressure. Grade: B+

Re-signing Andrew DePaola, LS

  • Spencer: Keeping All-Pros in the building is always a great thing. Grade: A
  • Tyler: The Vikings keep their best All-Pro player in-house for $4 million. Grade: A+
  • Eric: The Vikings brought back an All-Pro, and judging from what the Patriots just gave their long snapper, DePaola’s already a bargain. Grade: A-
  • Warren: Extending an All-Pro long-snapper for a bit of a premium makes sense. Grade: A
  • Austin: Again, continuity on special teams is extremely important for a group who uses less verbal communication on the field than any other unit. All-Pro LS stays on a good deal. Grade: A+
  • Chris: He was the best long snapper in the league last year, and I say that as someone that doesn’t know the first thing about long snapping. Grade: A
  • Chris M: Nice. He’s very good. Grade: A+

Re-signing Oli Udoh, OL

  • Spencer: Udoh can play every spot on the offensive line minus center, at a quality back-up level. Keeping him around as valued depth without overpaying is great. Grade: A-
  • Tyler: Offensive line continuity. Grade: A
  • Eric: Are the Vikings in trouble if Udoh is forced to start several games, even if it’s at his more natural tackle position? Probably. Could the Vikings do much worse than Udoh if he has to make a spot start or two? Absolutely. Grade: B+
  • Warren: Surprised another team didn’t take a flyer on Udoh as a potential starter. Great swing tackle extension for the Vikings. Grade: A
  • Austin: Solid re-sign for a team who can use depth just about anywhere right now. Udoh is a guy who can play almost every position up front as well. Grade: C+
  • Chris: Udoh can step in at four of the five positions on the offensive line, and he was better this past season than he had been. That’s something, I guess. Grade: C
  • Chris M: Udoh has been around for a while, and he’s always held his own when called upon. I like that they’re keeping the line in tact from last year. Grade: A

Re-signing Austin Schlottmann, OL

  • Spencer: Not good, not bad, just continuity. Grade: C
  • Tyler: Offensive Line Continuity Part 2: Electric Boogaloo. Grade: A
  • Eric: Whatever. It’s consistency for a backup that can play a few positions. But hopefully we don’t have to think much more than this about Schlottmann next season. Grade: C+
  • Warren: Schlottmann has experience but is a mediocre backup. Grade: C
  • Austin: Again, I think this is another good signing for a team who needs guys everywhere. Schlotmann came in and played well enough in a few games last year in Bradbury’s absence. Looks as if Kirk will have 2 familiar faces snapping him the ball again next year. Grade: C
  • Chris: Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na SCHLOTTMAAAAAAAAAAAAN! Grade: C, and an apology for that reference
  • Chris M: I thought he played really well in place of Bradbury last year. Grade: A


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