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SB Nation Reacts results: The Vikings’ offseason so far

What do our readers think?

Princeton v Creighton Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

A few days ago, we asked all of you what you thought about the offseason that the Minnesota Vikings had put together thus far as part of our SB Nation Reacts series, and now we’ve got the results to share with you.

We asked two questions this time around, with the first being to ask our readers to grade the Vikings’ free agency period up to this point. For the most part, people seem to like what the team has done.

We got a majority on this question, as 52% of our readers gave the work that Kwesi Adofo-Mensah has done this far a solid “B” grade. Another 10% gave the team an “A” for their moves thus far, so plenty of folks think that the Vikings’ front office has done above-average work in the early portion of this new league year.

We had 30% of our respondents give the team a “C” so far, while the other eight percent put the team’s moves as below average. Personally, I think the moves have been decent given the circumstances, so I put myself in the majority here with a “B” grade.

There isn’t nearly as much clarity in the response to our other question, which asks what the Vikings’ biggest need after the first week-plus of free agency is.

We had a pretty even split between our four main options in this one, with 29% still pointing to the cornerback position as the team’s biggest need. The team did sign Byron Murphy Jr. but lost Cameron Dantzler, Patrick Peterson, and Duke Shelley, so you could make a pretty convincing argument for the CB spot.

Next was the linebacker position, a spot that 24% of our respondents say is the team’s biggest need at this point. Wide receiver was the choice for 21% of the people that answered our questions, while 20% pointed to the defensive line as the biggest need. Six percent of our readers went with the “other” option, and I’m curious as to what the “other” positions those folks are thinking of would be. I’m going to guess quarterback is there somewhere given Kirk Cousins’ age and contract status, but if you did vote “other” I’m curious about your thought process.

Those are the results from our most recent SB Nation Reacts questions, folks. We’ll probably have a couple more of these between now and the Draft to get a gauge on where everyone thinks the team is.