2023 DN Live Draft Trade Thread

Jordan Addison Future Viking?

The 2023 DN Live Draft begins Friday at 6:30pm CST. There will be a separate fanpost created for each new round.

This thread will be the trade tracker. Here are two trade charts (Jimmy Johnson trade chart : Rich Hill trade chart) that you may use to determine if a trade is fair or not. We will leave it up to the community to veto a trade but we should use the charts to show the value and whether it is close enough. Along with these charts, we can look at past actual trades to also give guidance.

Trading of players may be tough to track.

Any trading of picks is OK and you can include future picks too. As long as it is reasonable and hopefully a past trade that actually happened that is similar.

We will use this thread throughout this DN Live Draft to track trades. You can negotiate here too. Once the draft begins it may not be practical to negotiate here and still follow along the live draft so negotiating there is OK.

GM List

1. Mots: Panthers & Jags--- confirmed

2. MarkSP18: Bears & Texans--- confirmed

3. Fran & Son: Cards & Jets--- confirmed

4. benjaman: Vikings & Colts--- confirmed

5. TimothyK: Seahawks & Steelers--- confirmed

6. NM_Vike: Lions & Raiders--- confirmed

7. 28for20: Falcons & Bengals--- confirmed

8. ON Viking: Eagles & Titans--- confirmed

9. wesvolk1: Commanders & Patriots--- confirmed

10. Outwest63: Pukers & Chargers--- confirmed

11. Wisco-Viking: Buccaneers & Broncos--- confirmed

12. Dustdevilx: Saints & Ravens--- confirmed

13. Teddy2Diggs: Giants & Bills--- confirmed

14. VikingsFanInChennai: Cowboys & Chiefs--- confirmed

15. Joe Despeville: Rams & Dolphins--- confirmed

16. szilip: 49ers & Brownies--- confirmed

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