Armchair GMs

It's almost a guarantee that the Vikings are going to trade back to acquire more picks in the 2023 draft. It's possible, yet unlikely, they trade up to get a QB. I also highly doubt that the Vikings stay put at #23 for non-skill positions as they have done so many times in drafts before. The fifth year option is extremely important in staying below the salary cap, so a first rounder should strategically be that of positions that typically costs the most salary cap money, in my opinion anyway. The lack of draft capital is also usually a sign for Vikings fans of an over-zealous GM making spontaneous free agency panic trades to maintain mediocrity in the current NFL season. This year however, we did do well to acquire TJ Hockenson for a second rounder plus, so I'm not too disappointed about that.

There are phenomenal talents at skill positions that could possibly be available to us at #23. It depends on how the draft falls, but

Will Levis,

Quentin Johnston,

Jaxon Smith-Njigba,

Deonte Banks,

Joey Porter Jr.,

and Devon Witherspoon

are prospects I would absolutely not pass on and perhaps one may have a reasonable chance to get to us at #23.

My "tweeners" or those prospects that I may or may not pass on at this time to get extra picks include:

Zay Flowers,

Jordan Addison,

Emmanual Forbes,

and maybe even Cam Smith (I would probably trade back for more picks if Cam Smith was the only available prospect)

I'm pretty sure our current GM doesn't have the same inclinations, but at this moment in time, these are my "Do not pass on" prospects.

My question is: "Which prospect that may fall into our laps at #23 would you absolutely not pass on?" I'm also curious to know opinions if some of the tweeners I've mentioned have a stronger outlook for NFL success than I perceive at this time. As you might suspect, I have a tendency for taller WRs and CBs, although another Antonio Brown clone without the head issues would be extremely enticing.

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