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Get rid of 84

Should the Vikings retire another number?


Let’s just be real for a minute here. No one will ever fill Randy Moss’s shoes. The number 84 should be retired before this new draft class comes in.

I’m tired of seeing young players, or veterans, come into MINNESOTA the home of the legendary Randy Moss, and think they deserve that number. The number 84 in Minnesota is sacred as, assumably, the whole country knows. Since Moss left the team after his first seven years in the league, four different players tried to wear the number 84. This list includes:

  • Aundrae Allison (2007)
  • Randy Moss (Again in 2010)
  • Michael Jenkins (2011)
  • Cordarrelle Patterson (2013-2016)
  • Irv Smith Jr. (2019-2022)

To say the least, I’ve been a Vikings Fan for 25+ years and besides Patterson showing flashes, not a single one of these players has left a lasting memory, unlike the real eight-four.

The list of currently retired jersey numbers for the Minnesota Vikings consists of players like:

  • Fran Tarkenton #10
  • Mick Tinglehoff #53
  • Jim Marshall #70
  • Korey Stringer #77
  • Alan Page #88
  • Cris Carter #80

Not to say these players didn't do enough to justify getting their number retired, but it makes me think as to why the team wouldn't want to retire the number of the best receiver in team history and some could argue, the best of all time? I mean the team retired Cris Carter’s number but not Randy’s? I’ll let the stats speak for themselves. Over a seven-year span with the Vikings, Randy Moss had:

  • 9,316 YDS
  • 92 REC TDs
  • 587 REC

So let’s just end it here, this 2023 offseason, hang up the number 84 forever so no one can ever wear it in purple and gold again.