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Kwesi Said What About Kirk Cousins?

There is only one quarterback under contract for the Vikings. That means there will be some moves to get more. How Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and Kevin O’Connell do that will be fascinating to watch. Free agency is quickly approaching, the NFL Combine is underway and Kwesi speaks. How will you interpret his quotes?

On today’s episode of Two Old Bloggers - this week in Vikings land with Darren and Dave will cover quarterbacks, the Wilfs, and Kwesi Adofo-Mensah at the Combine. Surely there isn’t anything controversial about that [sarcasm].

In our first theme, we’ll talk about how your Minnesota Vikings ranked #1 in the NFLPA’s first-ever report card covering how players rank the teams in various areas. Zygi and Mark Wilf can be proud of what they have built both from a structural and personnel standpoint. Will the Vikings stay at the top of this list? Will this start a spending spree by the very large egos of NFL owners?

Continuing with the state of the Vikings series, Darren and Dave will be looking at the last group on the offensive side of the ball, the quarterbacks. As of right now the Vikings only have one quarterback under contract, and that is Kirk Cousins. Obviously, they will need at least two more to round out the roster for the 2023 season. How will they get those QBs?

Since the NFL Scouting Combine is fully underway, we’ve had press conferences with the teams' general managers to include are very own Kwesi Adofo-Mensah. Like typical GMs, he said a lot and said little to nothing. Darren is going to dive into what he said and what it meant.… Or at least his interpretation thereof. Will you agree? What is your interpretation?

All these questions and more as Darren and Dave will get into these themes on today’s 2OB.

Theme #1: We’re #1!

Theme #2: State of the Vikings - Quarterbacks

Theme #3: What Kwesi said, what Kwesi meant

Darren Campbell and David Stefano are the Two Old Bloggers. Both started public commentary on the Vikings two decades ago on various blogs. They now do it via live streams on YouTube and Facebook. We appreciate your team fandom and that you are taking the time to enjoy it with us.

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