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K.J. Osborn saved a man’s life on Sunday

An NFL player pulled a man from a burning car this weekend.

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Wide receiver K.J. Osborn has become a pretty familiar name to most fans of the Minnesota Vikings over the past couple of years, but there’s one man that absolutely never forget his name.

Per Osborn’s Twitter account, he assisted in saving the life of a man in Texas by pulling him out of a burning car and carrying him to safety on Sunday night.

The first of the four pictures that Osborn shared on Twitter about the situation tells the story of what happened.

Most of the time the saying goes “wrong place wrong time.” But this time I believe God had me, at the right place at the exact right time.

Last night myself and these three absolute hero’s helped save a mans life by rescuing him from a vehicle up in flames after a bad crash. A situation I’d never imagine being apart of in a million years.

I’ll leave you with this. God is real. And His LOVE is real. He will send his angels to be camped around you and provide you with his grace and mercy.

The second picture shows, presumably, all four of the people (including Osborn) who were involved in the rescue effort, while the other two pictures shown are of the vehicle itself.

Adam Schefter had Osborn on his podcast earlier this week to talk about the situation that unfolded in Austin on Sunday night. You can find that episode here, and if you want to skip to his conversation with Osborn you can go to the 5:30 mark of the podcast. I can’t do the story justice so you’re probably better off listening to the man himself tell it.

I’ve never been in a situation that would have involved saving someone’s life, but I’m sure that people often wonder what they would do if they found themselves in such a situation. If it does happen, I hope that I can keep the same sort of cool and clear thinking under pressure that K.J. Osborn showed in this instance.

Kudos to K.J. Osborn and the other three individuals that were involved in saving a man’s life on Sunday night in Austin, Texas.