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Can the Vikings Find the Quarterback of the Future in the Middle Rounds?

On this The Real Forno Show - Tyler and Dave were at it again. Come join us as we discuss potential quarterback options for the Minnesota Vikings

On this The Real Forno Show , the Minnesota Vikings are in an interesting position this year when it comes to the draft. They need a quarterback of the future, but they might be out of range to get one in the first round. What does it look like if the Vikings want to get one in the middle rounds of the 2023 NFL Draft class?

Things are quite a bit murky, but there are some good players that might be worth developing to see what you potentially could have. That doesn’t mean that they will end up with the next Dak Prescott, but they could have a long-term backup.

Who could the Vikings take? We will discuss some of those options.

  • Tanner McKee
  • Dorian Thompson-Robinson
  • Jaren Hall
  • Clayton Tuen
  • Aidan O’Connell

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