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Adofo-Mensah & O’Connell Discuss 2023 NFL Draft: Vikings Draft Plans & More

The Vikings’ cornerback cupboard is half full and the team will target at least one in the draft, but where? Does Kwesi have a type? Darren and Dave break down the team’s press conference and answer viewer questions on this 2OB.

In this Two Old Bloggers , Kwesi Adofo-Mensah & Kevin O’Connell Discuss 2023 NFL Draft: Vikings Draft Plans & More… Darren and Dave discuss the Minnesota Vikings’ need for cornerbacks in the upcoming NFL draft. The team currently has only five cornerbacks on the roster, and there are concerns about their ability to play man-to-man coverage. The Vikings may draft two cornerbacks in the upcoming draft and identify several more potential targets. The document also summarizes recent comments from Vikings GM Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and head coach Kevin O’Connell regarding the team’s draft strategy and the possibility of drafting a quarterback to replace Kirk Cousins eventually. Additionally, the document includes viewer questions and answers related to potential draft targets and trade scenarios.

Darren Campbell and David Stefano are the Two Old Bloggers. Both started public commentary on the Vikings two decades ago on various blogs. They now do it via live streams on YouTube and Facebook and podcasts on your favorite aggregator. We appreciate your team fandom and that you are taking the time to enjoy it with us.

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