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What to expect heading into Draft Day

We don’t know what’s going to happen, do we?

NFL Combine Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The Minnesota Vikings will be on the clock in four short days. With that being said, what should fans be expecting on the first day of the draft? Well, I’d say “expect the unexpected.”

What I mean when I say that is to look for the Vikings to be one of the surprise teams to draft a quarterback in round one. The NFL world is buzzing this time of the year with speculations on every team to try and improve their rosters, but Minnesota could be in a different situation this year.

Typically, a team picking in the mid-20s is not exactly the spot to get a future face of the franchise quarterback. Usually, a team picking in the mid-20s has a quarterback and obviously did pretty well last year considering the spot in which we draft. This year could be different.

Instead of drafting to fill holes in the roster, be on the lookout for the Vikings to potentially trade up for Kirk's replacement. Now, Kirk is still under contract with the team for one more year, but that doesn’t mean the team will wait to draft his replacement when he’s gone. If the team elects to trade up for a Will Levis, Anthony Richardson, or even a Hendon Hooker type of guy, expect Kirk to play out his last year. If the team does elect to draft a quarterback, what better guy to have your young QB sit behind than Kirk Cousins?

Say what you want about Kirk Cousins, this guy is the smartest person on the field every single week. Not only is he highly intelligent, he is also one of the most durable quarterbacks of the era. Having a young quarterback watch Kirk prepare, workout, and lead a team week in and week out could provide huge dividends for the new guy.

If the team elects NOT to draft a quarterback this year, another unexpected move to watch for the Vikings to make is them taking a big swing at one of the best running back talents coming out of the draft in quite some time. Bijan Robinson is a strong candidate if he’s still around at 23 to get drafted by your Minnesota Vikings. If we continue to see a guy like Bijan fall down to the 20s, it would make this pick a whole hell of a lot easier to make if you’re Kwesi. Select Bijan Robinson at 23, then ship Dalvin to Miami, where he’s been rumored to go, for as much as we can get. If traded, Dalvin could draw some serious draft capital for the Vikings who so desperately need it. Drafting a guy like Robinson would also make the Dalvin leaving scenario much easier to handle for fans as well.

Regardless of if we draft a quarterback or not, I believe this draft holds something exciting for the Minnesota Vikings. I can’t remember a draft where we had no idea who the team would take, or even which side of the ball we would take first. Like I said, expect the unexpected this week, and let’s pray that Kwesi & Company know what they’re doing!