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The Minnesota Vikings Select... Welcome to Draft Week

On this The Real Forno Show - Wow! It’s only Tuesday and the storylines are going wild! Vikings trade up to #2, the Vikings trade up to #10, the Vikings, the Vikings, the Vikings... The big question is who will they select?

On this The Real Forno Show : Welcome to Draft Week!

The 2023 NFL draft is set to start in three days and the Minnesota Vikings are among the teams eagerly anticipating the event. Currently, the team has five selections in the draft, with three of them to be made on the third day.

As the draft approaches, there are a number of possibilities for the Vikings. For instance, they may consider trading some players to acquire new talent. However, trading up may prove to be difficult due to the limited number of picks available. Alternatively, they may trade back to acquire more picks and build up their roster.

There are several industry mock drafts available, and reviewing them could help the Vikings identify potential picks. For all these reasons and more, The Real Forno Show will give you the inside scoop on what could happen with the Vikings during draft week.

  • Potential player trades
  • Difficulty in trading up
  • The likelihood is trading back
  • Review of industry mock drafts this year
  • And the final mock of the season

You’ll get all of that and more live at 6 pm central time or on demand at any time on The Real Forno Show on the Vikings 1st & SKOL YouTube channel.

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