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2023 NFL Draft: TV schedule, start time, location and more

How can you follow along with all the action?

NFL: APR 25 2019 NFL Draft Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Ladies and gentlemen. . .we’ve made it.

In just a shade under 12 hours, the 2023 NFL Draft will officially be underway! We’ll be here providing the best possible coverage of everything that the Minnesota Vikings (and the 31 teams that we don’t care as much about) are doing over the course of the next three days, but we want to make sure you’re able to follow along with all of the action. Here’s everything you need to know.

What time does the 2023 NFL Draft start?

Tonight, the first round will get underway at 7:00 PM Central time. The start times are different for the next two days, with the second and third rounds happening on Friday starting at 6:00 PM Central, while the final four rounds will take place on Saturday starting at 11:00 AM Central.

What channels will the 2023 NFL Draft be shown on?

There will be three different channels for you to get your NFL Draft Coverage. You can watch it on your local ABC affiliate, including KSTP-5 in the Twin Cities, you can tune into ESPN, or you can head over to the NFL Network. All three of those channels will be showing all seven rounds of this year’s selection meeting.

What if I want to listen on the radio?

You can do that, too! If you have an ESPN Radio affiliate in your area, you can likely find it there. If you have satellite radio, you can tune into ESPN Radio from there on Channel 80 or you can listen on SiriusXM NFL Radio on Channel 88.

Can I get my draft coverage through streaming?

Well, sure you can! The first round is going to be streamed on YouTube, as well as on the ESPN app, on the NFL+ subscription service, and on the NFL app on mobile and connected TVs, such as Pluto TV, Vizio WatchFree, Tubi, Peacock, and LG.

When will the Vikings make their first pick?

The Draft is set to start at 7:00 PM this evening, as we’ve already mentioned. Following the introductions and the ceremonial booing of Roger Goodell, we can probably expect the Carolina Panthers to be on the clock at around 7:10. If we assume that each team takes their full ten-minute allotment for the first round to make their selection, it will take a little under four hours to get to the Vikings’ pick, which would put it at right around 11:00 PM Central.

You usually get teams making their picks faster than that, though, so if you get yourself tuned in at around 10:00 PM Central you can probably see the Vikings’ pick before you go to bed. It’s a school night after all. Of course, it’s quite possible that the Vikings trade out of their first-round pick, too, so they might not select anyone until Friday.

What picks do the Vikings currently have?

The Vikings, as things stand right now, currently have just five picks in the 2023 NFL Draft, among the lowest totals in the league. Here are those picks:

  • Round 1, Pick #24 overall
  • Round 3, Pick #87 overall
  • Round 4, Pick #119 overall (from Detroit Lions)
  • Round 5, Pick #158 overall
  • Round 6, Pick #211 overall (compensatory selection)

The Vikings will likely end up picking more than five players, but as of this morning that’s where they’re at.

How will Daily Norseman be covering the Draft?

Well, we’ll be doing what we do pretty much every year, which is bringing you the picks and/or trades that the Vikings make as soon as they make them. We’ll also be putting up an Open Thread for every round of the Draft for you to discuss everything that’s happening with your fellow purple fans.

Once a pick or a trade is made, we’ll have a profile of the player selected or the particulars of the deal made. We’ll be keeping track of everything on our Minnesota Vikings Draft Tracker, so that will be the best place for you to get the results quickly.

I have money to burn and want to bet on something Draft-related. Can I do that?

Sure! If sports betting is legal in your state, check out our friends at the DraftKings Sportsbook, who will have any number of wagers you can make on this year’s selection meeting.

We hope to see a lot of folks here for the Draft over the course of the next few days. It’s an exciting time to be a Minnesota Vikings fan, folks, and we can’t wait to welcome the next class of future Vikings here with all of you.