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TJ Hockenson revs up the X at Wild’s crucial Game 6 Stanley Cup Playoff’s Matchup

Just a few days after crushing beers with the other Vikings Tight Ends.

TJ Hockenson GOT THE PEOPLE GOING at the X on Friday night.
Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

As a native Minnesotan I have to say that Football, while an awesome sport, always played second fiddle to my first true love, Hockey.

While the fall and early winter is unquestionably football season through-and-through, that cannot compare with what happens to my mental psyche when the Wild are seriously contending and in the playoffs.

Such is the case this year and, by god, it warms my heart to see TJ Hockenson and other Vikings chumming it up at the Xcel Energy Center.

Hockenson’s hockey-fueled antics started gaining notoriety during Game 4 of the Wild’s First Round Matchup against the Dallas stars after the Vikings Tight End bought drinks for a row of fans. In addition, the Jumbotron caught him and other Vikings Tight Ends Johnny Mundt and Nick Muse living it up by (aggressively) drinking brews in one of the X’s many suites.

You just love to see it.

Prior to puck drop of Game 6, Hockenson got the chance to take the mic and get the people going.

While not a native Minnesotan, it is awesome to see Hock displaying a passion for The State of Hockey and the Wild. Looks like it’s going to be another bad night to be a beer at the X.