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NFL Draft Day 2 - The Minnesota Vikings’ Rounds 2 & 3 In The Books with Mekhi Blackmon

The Minnesota Vikings select Mekhi Blackmon, a 5’11”, 178-pound cornerback from USC. With extra picks, the Vikings can explore new players and build for the future after trading pick #87 with the 49ers.

On this The Real Forno Show : For the 102nd pick of the 2023 NFL Draft the Minnesota Vikings select USC corner Mekhi Blackmon. He’s a 5’11”, 178 lbs feisty cornerback.

As Vikings fans, it is important for us to remember the players who have contributed to the success of our team. One such player is T.J. Hockenson, who was part of the trade that cost the Vikings a second-round pick in this draft. Hockenson has proven himself to be one of the best tight ends in the NFL, and his skills on the field have helped lead the Vikings to victory in games already and will continue to.

The Minnesota Vikings made an interesting move by trading pick 87 with the San Francisco 49ers, which resulted in the acquisition of picks 102, 164, and 222. Although the trade value might appear slightly in favor of the 49ers, the Vikings ended up with two additional picks, providing them with seven picks to fill any gaps and enhance their roster’s depth. With the extra picks, the Vikings could also explore more options and strategies to diversify their team. For instance, they could use the picks to pursue new and upcoming players with potential and build for the future. At #102, the Vikings selected corner Mekhi Blackmon, which is a promising development. Tyler and Dave will further delve into the trade details and the Vikings’ strategy. Let’s join them and react to this exciting news!

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