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Justin Jefferson hands out laptops to students in North Minneapolis

The NFL’s best receiver does it again

12th Annual NFL Honors - Portraits Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

In addition to being the best wide receiver in the National Football League, Justin Jefferson is becoming quite the off-field ambassador for the Minnesota Vikings as this offseason moves on.

Last week, Jefferson partnered with the folks from Microsoft to pass out 30 brand-new laptops at the Northside Achievement Zone in North Minneapolis. The Northside Achievement Zone seeks to bring opportunities to lower-income families as they make efforts to send their children to college.

“Just another part of the journey for me. Working with Northside Achievement Zone on other events and giveaways that I’ve been doing with them, and this just adds on to the list,” Jefferson said. “They’re taking care of the younger generation, the generation that’s going to set this world up in the future, so I always want to be hands-on with those type of kids, always try to give them an extra smile on their face and that extra momentum and extra drive to achieve the things that people never thought they’d achieve.”

Jefferson, the reigning NFL Offensive Player of the Year, has been a big supporter of the Northside Achievement Zone, going so far as to make them his focus for this year’s “My Cause, My Cleats” program that the NFL does to bring attention to different causes that players support.

The laptops were given out at NAZ’s new office space on North 2nd Street in Minneapolis.

Since he exploded onto the scene in his rookie year of 2020, Jefferson has done quite a bit for various causes around the Twin Cities. A franchise could certainly do worse than having someone like #18 representing them as the face of their team and an ambassador for the Minnesota Vikings organization.