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Is Kirk Cousins on the way out in Minnesota?

The team’s actions so far seem to suggest that

NFL: Pro Bowl-AFC at NFC Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports

Here we go again.

As we inch towards draft day, the rumors about potential draft day trades surrounding the Minnesota Vikings are beginning to increase. There has been speculation of trades within the organization this whole offseason, yet it's been relatively quiet. Names like Dalvin Cook, Za’Darius Smith, and more recently the team's starting quarterback, Kirk Cousins.

Let’s dive into this Kirk drama. During the NFL Combine in late February, there was some chatter about Cousins getting traded on draft day to the 49ers. Kirk does have a “No Trade Clause” in his contract, but I doubt he would turn down a chance of going to a loaded San Fransisco team that is led by one of his former coaches in Washington, Kyle Shanahan. So yes, it IS possible for him to be traded.

Many speculate about the compensation the Vikings would get in return for shipping a (I’ll say it) top-10 quarterback in the league right now. Give us Trey Lance, their next first-rounder in 2024, and 1 of 3 of their 3rd round picks this year. And if Kwesi is really good, he’ll get more.

As for the Vikings, the idea of getting a homegrown talent in Trey Lance has many people excited and some nervous, all for a good reason. We have seen the combine throws Trey made just a couple of years ago, but we also know that he does have a hard time staying on the field. His potential is almost as good as we’ve seen. I mean coming out of NDSU starting only a hand full of games isn’t exactly what you want but when Trey was getting Mahomes comparisons, I could see it.

A dual-threat quarterback in Minnesota for the first time in a LONG time could be just the boost we need to get over the hump. If the Vikings decide to pull the trigger and send Kirk to the Niners, do you want Trey Lance? What else would the Vikings need to get in that trade package to make it worth the trade? Considering San Fran has limited draft capital until next year.