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Report: Vikings to face Packers in Week 8, Week 17

The schedule leaks are starting to come out

NFL: SEP 11 Packers at Vikings

The leaks of the 2023 NFL schedule are starting to come out and one source has given us the dates that your Minnesota Vikings will have their two matchups against the Green Bay Packers.

Per Matt Schneideman, the Packers’ beat writer for The Athletic, the Vikings will face the Packers at Lambeau Field on October 29th, which is Week 8, and host them in a prime-time matchup at U.S. Bank Stadium in Week 17.

The second half of that equation sort of mirrors what we saw last season, when the Vikings’ penultimate regular season game was at Lambeau Field. This year, the Vikings will get to make their trip to Wisconsin before the weather gets too awful (hopefully) and host them in what could be a crucial divisional matchup in their second-to-last game this year.

Additionally, Schneidman’s reporting says that the Packers and Bears will be facing off in Week 18, which means that the Vikings would finish the season against the Detroit Lions if that’s the case.

While we don’t know for sure whether or not this is 100% accurate, Schneideman says he has been given the Packers’ entire 2023 schedule by a source, which is where the info comes from.

We’ll try to get you all of the latest news and what not on the Vikings’ schedule leading up to tonight’s 7:00 PM Central time official release, and you can track all of it on our Schedule Tracker, so keep it there and keep refreshing the page!