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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 11 May 2023

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Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

The schedule is coming out later. Yippee! Otherwise, we are still waiting on other moves from Kwesi.

My new plan would be ...

Starting Cap Space
2023: $1,120,835
2024: $25,817,076
Restructure Cook (7.5M of salary). Save 5M
Restructure Z. Smith. Save 3.323M
Add 2 void yrs and give 10M signing bonus. Remove incentives.
Salaries of 7.95M, 17.45M
Cap hits of 12.17M, 21.67M, 5M (2 void years)
Extend Hockenson 4 yr 58M with a 13M signing bonus, 5M option bonus in 2023. Save 5.649M
Salaries of 1.08M, 8.92M, 14M, 16M
Cap hits: 3.68M, 12.77M, 17.85M, 19.85M, 3.85M (one void year added)
Cumulative Cash flow: 14.08M, 28M, 42M, 58M
Extend Hunter 3 yr 63M with a 25M signing bonus. Costs 5M
Salaries of 4.9M, 10.9M, 20.9M
Per Game roster bonus 500K, workout bonus 100K
Cap hits: 18.12M, 22.12M, 32.12M, 10M (2 void years)
Cumulative Cash flow: 30.5M, 42M, 63M
Extend Jefferson 4 yr 128M with a 25M signing bonus and a 15M option bonus in 2024. Costs 5M
Salaries of 2.399M, 12M, 23M, 26M, 27M
Cap hits: 9.175M, 20M, 31M, 34M, 35M, 3M (one void year added)
Cummulative Cash flow: 25M, 52M, 75M, 101M, 128M
Ending cap space
2023: $5,093,364
2024: ($1,589,867)

If they keep Cook, then Nwangwu, Chandler, or McBride will likely be sent to the practice squad.

In 2024, if they release Z. Smith, Cook, and H. Smith it will save 33.384M in cap space giving them 32.3M in cap space.

They have 28M in dead money as a place holder for Kork which can be used for an extension.


Since yore last open thread ...

Breaking Down Andre Carter II


Ireland’s Post-Draft NFL Power Rankings


Predict the Vikings’ first game of 2023

Yore Mock

Trade Partner: Philadelphia Eagles
Sent: Round 1 Pick 23
Received: Round 1 Pick 31, Round 3 Pick 33, Round 5 Pick 1
Trade Partner: Seattle Seahawks
Sent: Round 2 Pick 23, Round 5 Pick 32
Received: Round 2 Pick 20, Round 6 Pick 20
Trade Partner: Indianapolis Colts
Sent: Round 4 Pick 23, Round 4 Pick 25
Received: Round 4 Pick 8, Round 5 Pick 8

31: R1 P31 WR Rome Odunze - Washington

52: R2 P20 G Cooper Beebe - Kansas State

97: R3 P33 S Cole Bishop - Utah

108: R4 P8 DL Brandon Dorlus - Oregon

137: R5 P1 LB Jaylan Ford - Texas

144: R5 P8 C Zach Frazier - West Virginia

195: R6 P20 EDGE Xavier Thomas - Clemson

198: R6 P23 CB Fentrell Cypress II - Florida State


WTF? Another receiver? Yeah, why not? Osborn probably is going to get a bit too much in free agency which would be great for him. KOC needs his weapons.

Beebe would likely need to step in for Cleveland since Ezra probably will get a nice deal in free agency as well.

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