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Thoughts on Vikings’ 2023-24 Schedule

NFL: FEB 08 Super Bowl LVI - Super Bowl Experience Photo by Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

An early leak of the Vikings schedule, while unofficial, does seem to conform to other individual game leaks reported by reliable sources. It is as follows:

Week One (9/10): Tampa Bay Buccaneers

A relatively easy opponent for the home opener.

Week Two (9/14): @ Philadelphia Eagles (TNF)

A repeat of last year’s week two matchup in Philly. This one on Thursday night, so a quick turnaround and brisk start to the schedule. Still, better to have a Thursday night game early like this when the team is still relatively fresh, than later in the season. Last year’s week two fiasco will undoubtedly be on everyone’s mind as the Vikings have their first big test of the season.

Week Three (9/24): Los Angeles Chargers

A longer week to rest and prepare for the Chargers at home. Return of Eric Kendricks to US Bank stadium.

Week Four (10/1): @ Carolina Panthers

Another reunion as the Vikings take on Adam Thielen, Bryce Young, and the Panthers.

Week Five (10/8): Kansas City Chiefs

Things get real as the Vikings host the defending Champs.

Week Six (10/15): @ Chicago Bears

Vikings avoid a cold weather game with this autumn date in Chicago.

Week Seven (10/23): San Francisco 49ers (MNF)

Vikings host the 49ers on Monday Night Football, their second primetime game of the season. Who’s playing QB for the 9ers?

Week Eight (10/29): @ Green Bay Packers

The Vikings avoid another cold weather game and hopefully sloppy field with this October matchup at Lambeau Field. This begins a multiple-week stretch of very winnable games for the Vikings throughout the month of November to their bye-week.

Week Nine (11/5): @ Atlanta Falcons

A winnable road game for the Vikings

Week Ten (11/12): New Orleans Saints

Vikings return home to play the Saints- another very winnable game.

Week Eleven (11/19): @ Denver Broncos (SNF)

Are you ready for some football? The Vikings take on the Broncos in Denver on Sunday night. Hopefully the Vikings will be coming off a win against Sean Payton’s old team and can get another one against his new team.

Week Twelve (11/27): Chicago Bears (MNF)

Another week, another primetime game for the Vikings on Monday night when they host the Chicago Bears.

Week Thirteen: BYE WEEK

The Vikings have a late bye-week this season, but it could serve them well as they gear up for a tougher late schedule with three of their remaining five games on the road.

Week Fourteen (12/10): @ Las Vegas Raiders

Vikings come out of their bye-week rested and with Al Davis in mind as they visit the Raiders: “Just win baby.”

Week Fifteen (TBD): @ Cincinnati Bengals

Toughest back-to-back road game stretch ends here for the Vikings with an LSU championship reunion in Cincinnati. Could potentially be another primetime game- exact date and time TBD.

Week Sixteen (12/24): Detroit Lions

Perhaps the quirkiest aspect of the Vikings schedule this season is the two late season games against the Lions- nearly back-to-back.

Week Seventeen (12/31): Green Bay Packers (SNF)

The Vikings host the Packers in their last primetime game.

Week Eighteen (1/7): @ Detroit Lions

Final game of the regular season. Will it be for the division title?

Overall Thoughts

This isn’t a bad schedule for the Vikings. All NFC teams have an extra road game this season, so the Vikings have 8 home and 9 road games. But no more than two straight on the road.

The Vikings have three tougher games in their first seven, against the Eagles week two, the Chiefs week five, and the 49ers week seven, but none of them back-to-back, which makes them more manageable.

The middle of the Vikings’ schedule is the easiest, from week eight through their bye-week thirteen. This is where they need to stack wins to put them in position for the post-season. The Vikings also managed to avoid any cold weather division games with road games at Green Bay and Chicago in October.

The Vikings also have three of their five (so far) prime time games at home, which is nice.

The toughest part of the Vikings schedule may well be the back end of it, after their bye-week. Three of their last five games are on the road, with the Bengals on the road (likely cold weather game) and the Lions twice in the last three games a quirk of the schedule, which could have implications for the NFC North crown.

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