Bold & Early Predictions for 2023 !!

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Greetings DN !! Did an early prediction fanpost last year so here we are for 2023. I'll use the same format & it was quite fun reading all the comments with various bold predictions for the Vikings in 2022. Ok... let's get to it !!


Super Sophomore's:


Ty Chandler gets my vote.

After showing some promise during the preseason, Ty was injured & put on IR keeping him out for most of the season. I'm excited to see what he can do now that he is fully healthy. He could be a dynamic receiving weapon & provide a nice change of pace option at the RB position.


Brian Asamoah II gets my vote.

I liked what I saw last year in limited action. Lack of speed at LB position was on full display last year & I'm hoping he is ready for the starting job. Hicks, Dye, & Reeder provide veteran leadership. Youth movement in the LB room with Pace Jr., Beuplan, & Huber joining the group as UDFA's.


Mid-Round ( RD3-5 ) Rookie Surprise:


Jaren Hall gets my vote.

I think he will show enough during TC that the Vikings will decide to roster 3-QB's this season. Nick Mullens will have to work hard to keep his QB2 gig moving forward.


Jaquelin Roy gets my vote.

I'm hoping the Vikings use him as a versatile player with the d-line rotation. I really like his 2021 tape when he played 5T/3T for LSU. Tons of upside & potential.


IR / Practice Squad Player Moves Up:

William Kwenkeu gets my vote.

He was called up a few times from the PS last year & I think he makes the 53-man roster in his 2nd season. He flashed talent & could really shine in 2023.


Link to last year's fanpost:

*sidenote* I whiffed bad on all my 2022 predictions !!


Random Roster Thoughts & Wish-list:

Lots of optimism & concerns makes for an intriguing offseason for the Vikings. Trades are still very much in play, so we'll see how things go over the next few months. All eyes will be on the new look Flores defense & we'll see how he does in his 1st year with the Vikings. I'm looking forward to the new wrinkles to the offense KO mentioned in the pressers earlier this year. 12 personal -- yes plz !!

Wish-List below with a few surprises & a few obvious needs. This list is all about player health & roster moves that could help the team. Not a prediction of what they will do.

1. Trade Dalvin Cook for Noah Igbinoghene.

Win-Win-Win for everyone. Dalvin gets to go home. Miami gets a dangerous weapon on their offense. Vikings get cap relief & a CB that Flores knows well. Good depth player for 2023.

2. Trade ZDS for a conditional 2024 RD5 pick.

Becomes a 2024 RD3 pick if he has a big year for his new team. Use the $$ saved to work on a new deal for Hunter. Potential teams to target with a trade offer could be the Rams, Ravens, or Titans.

3. Consider signing Dalton Risner.

IOL is still a major concern for the Vikings. Ezra took a step back. Ingram struggled as one might guess as a rookie. Bradbury is average at best. I would add some competition to the IOL room.

4. Cine, Booth, Evans all rebound for 2023.

Big year for them & I'm hoping they are ready to go.

5. Healthy season for the Purple.

The training staff & facilities are top notch. Crucial component for a team's success.

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Leave a comment below with your early predictions !!

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