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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 16 May 2023

“Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.” ~ Confucius

New York Jets v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Still no details on the financial side of the Za’Darius Smith trade to the Browns. Apparently, the Vikings paid some of his salary or bonus as part of the deal. I cannot imagine it being too much. Maybe a few million?

The next move is what to do with Dalvin Cook. There are some “reports” that the team might keep Cook provided he accept a new deal with less money obviously.

Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated reports that Minnesota has remained in communication with Cook and is open to adjusting his deal:

“Cook won’t play for Minnesota at his current number ($11 million) this year. The Vikings have come close to trading him, going deep into talks with Miami a couple of months back. But all along, the communication has been good, and the team has been open to bringing him back on a reduced number.”

I could see them doing that but that would make the Mattison extension and McBride pick look really foolish. I suppose you could justify the McBride pick if you believe Cook will be gone in 2024 or if you believe the team would simply cut Kene Nwangwu or try to get McBride onto the practice squad.

Would a 3 yr 24M deal work? IS it too much? How much should they guarantee?


Since yore last open thread ...

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Yore Mock

Trade Partner: San Francisco 49ers
Sent: Round 1 Pick 23
Received: Round 1 Pick 30, Round 3 Pick 36
Trade Partner: Cleveland Browns
Sent: Round 5 Pick 32
Received: Round 6 Pick 18, Round 7 Pick 19

30: R1 P30 G Cooper Beebe - Kansas State

55: R2 P23 LB Cedric Gray - North Carolina

100: R3 P36 S Tyler Nubin - Minnesota

123: R4 P23 EDGE Chico Bennett Jr. - Virginia

125: R4 P25 OT Jack Nelson - Wisconsin

142: R5 P6 WR Jermaine Burton - Alabama

193: R6 P18 DL Tim Smith - Alabama

198: R6 P23 CB Khyree Jackson - Oregon

238: R7 P19 TE Erick All - Michigan

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