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The Vikings 53-man Roster Prediction

Check out Tyler’s prediction for the Minnesota Vikings’ potential roster for week one on The Real Forno Show! With major changes to the roster, this insightful projection provides a starting point for those interested in the Vikings’ roster makeup. 

The Minnesota Vikings have finished their rookie minicamp and are now preparing for their next practices on May 22nd, 23rd, and 25th. The team has made some significant changes to its roster, including adding several new players. Given these changes, there are some major questions on the back end of the roster. Here is the team’s first projection on the 53-man roster come week one.

Tyler predicts the Vikings’ 53-man roster which includes three quarterbacks, four running backs without Dalvin Cook, six wide receivers, four tight ends, ten offensive linemen, six defensive linemen, four outside linebackers, four inside linebackers, five cornerbacks, and four safeties. While the show acknowledges that this is only a projection and that things could change after training camp, it provides a starting point for those interested in the Vikings’ roster makeup.

In addition to the 53-man roster projection, the article also lists five veterans that the Vikings could cut before week one. These veterans include D.J. Wonnum, Josh Metellus, Kene Nwangwu, Troy Dye, and James Lynch. The show provides each player's cap savings and dead cap hit and explains why they might be on the chopping block.

Overall, tonight’s show provides a detailed look at the Minnesota Vikings’ potential roster for week one. While nothing is set in stone, this projection provides insight into which players the team might prioritize and which veterans could be on their way out.

Check out Tyler in this The Real Forno Show on the Vikings 1st & SKOL YouTube channel for more insights and analysis.

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