Impact Factor NFL Player Draft Stat

Impact Factor is a Player Statistic I discovered/made up several years ago that mainly applies to the skill positions and collisions that occur with the ball in their hands. Low center of gravity and excellent balance can also effect this but are more of an unmeasurable, "eye-test." Like having a low center of gravity, having a high Impact Factor helps you maintain your feet when taking a hit to sometimes bounce off and run for more yardage, or at least fall forward. My idea is that a thicker, sometimes shorter guy like MJD has more impact because of his height to weight ratio, and that this helps him keep his balance more often on the football field.

A couple of other classic Vikings examples of High Impact Factor RBs are Dalvin Cook and the one & only All Day Adrian Peterson.

IF = weight (lbs.) / height (in.)

MJD = 207/67 = 3.01

A.D.AP = 217/73.5 = 2.95

DC = 210/70 = 3.0

McBride = 209/70 =2.99

McKinnon = 209/69 = 3.03

NOT so good RBs

DJ Dozier = 204/72.3 = 2.82

Blair Thomas = 198/70 = 2.83

I was also comparing Flowers to Addison pre-draft…and still wonder which we had ranked higher; who they would have taken if both had been available at 23.

Zay Flowers IF = 182/69 = 2.64

J.Addison IF = 173/71 = 2.44

Maybe Impact Factor also applies to our Undrafted Steal of the Draft Ivan Pace…have you seen that clip where he blasts 2nd round OG Ocyrus Torrence back so hard he knocks over his own RB?!? Perfect example of how to use a thicker, lower weight to height ratio to your advantage!! And with a 100 pound disadvantage.

ILB Ivan Pace = 231/70.5 = 3.28

Whatcha Think DNers? Is there value to this little bit of math? Or do we need to also apply the idea that

Momentum = Mass * Velocity ???

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