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Jordan Addison will probably hang up on you

But it’s cool, seriously

2023 NFL Draft Red Carpet Photo by Todd Rosenberg/Getty Images

As they’ve done for the past couple of years, the Minnesota Vikings released a video of some of the “behind the scenes” action from this year’s NFL Draft. This year’s video features a particularly funny sequence of events featuring the team’s first-round pick, Southern Cal wide receiver Jordan Addison.

The video is here, though it’s probably one of those that you’ll have to go to YouTube to watch because NFL.

The first thing to note is that the Vikings did, in fact, receive an offer to trade back, but it obviously one that didn’t impress them very much, as Kevin O’Connell asks Kwesi Adofo-Mensah whether or not the trade “blows him away.” Kwesi says that it did not, to which O’Connell says, “Well, there’s your answer.”

So, Addison was pretty clearly a player that the Vikings wanted, and so we see Adofo-Mensah making the call to him. After he’s done talking, he hands the phone to O’Connell. . .but Addison had already hung up the phone.

Naturally, the team called him back so that O’Connell could talk to him, and they had a short conversation as well. After O’Connell is done talking to Addison, he gives the phone to offensive coordinator Wes Phillips so that he could talk to the Vikings’ newest wide receiver.

And Addison had already hung up again.

In Addison’s defense, it sounds like he was kind of getting rushed around at the Draft while all of this was going on, but the whole sequence of events is still good for a bit of a laugh.

There’s plenty of good stuff in the rest of the video as well, featuring the Vikings’ other picks, so go ahead and check it out when you get an opportunity.