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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 2 May 2023

As one grows older, one becomes wiser and more foolish.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 05 BYU at Boise State Photo by Tyler Ingham/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Normally, after the draft there is the usual “debate” about the drafted players, players passed, trades that did or did not happen, etc. There is nothing unusual about this and is actually healthy to get it all out. These debates can carry on a long time but eventually the debates lose steam except amongst a few. There is not much to discuss except for minicamps, training camps, and which player not drafted will make the team and be the next sure-fire entry into the DN Preseason Hall of Fame.

But this year there still is plenty of intrigue due to the fact that the Vikings still need to make some moves to get enough cap space to sign the rookie and pay the practice squad player all year. The team currently has $1,190,835 in cap space. They could simply restructure O’Neill and create about 9.9M in cap space which would take care of the rookies (2.5M) and the practice squad (3-4M) leaving about 5M in cap space.

They probably should extend Hockenson & Jefferson plus give Hunter a new deal using only 5M in cap space. They can extend Hockenson and save about 5.6M, extend Jefferson costing about 5M, and extend Hunter costing about 2.3M. They would still have about 2.7M left which is right around where they like to operate.

My plan would be ...
Starting cap space
2023: $1,190,835
2024: $25,833,741
Trade Cook to the Dolphins for a 2024 5th using the post-June 1st designation. Save 11M.
Trade Z. Smith for a 2024 4th. Save 12.156M
Extend Hockenson 4 yr 58M with a 13M signing bonus. Save 5.649M
Extend Jefferson 4 yr 128M with a 25M signing bonus and a 15M option bonus in 2024. Costs 5M
Extend Hunter 3 yr 66M with a 25M signing bonus and 8.4M first year salary. Coss 8.5M
Ending cap space
2023: $16,496,696
2024: $28,843,409

Not bad for 2024 and they can release H. Smith and get to $40,227,525 in cap space.

They have 28M in dead money for Kork but can use that to extend him if necessary.


Since yore last open thread ...

Mekhi Blackmon Is Poised To Be A Starter This Season

This is wishful thinking IMO. A late 3rd round pick is going to start? The Cornerbacks on the team must be really bad if that happens. It would ne nice but I doubt that he will start unless there is an injury.


3 UDFAs that will make the 53 man roster

More wishful thinking. Maybe Pace Jr makes the final 53 and they might have to put Carter on the roster to avoid losing him to another team.


Breaking Down Jay Ward


Breaking Down Jaquelin Roy


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