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Which Vikings’ legend would you add to the team’s current roster?

In their prime, of course

Minnesota Vikings vs Green Bay Packers

A tweet from the folks at Pro Football Focus has generated a little bit of controversy on the platform, particularly as it pertains to our Minnesota Vikings. It’s something worth taking a look at, and it gives us an opportunity to get your opinions on another subject about the team as we trudge through the offseason.

Here’s the tweet in question, wherein the folks from PFF choose to add a “legend” from each NFC North franchise to the team’s current roster.

Now, anyone that’s followed the site for any length of time knows my feelings about Daunte Culpepper. The guy is still my favorite Viking of my lifetime and, even with as much as I like Kirk Cousins, if I could trade him for prime Daunte Culpepper I’d do it without hesitation.

Having said that, Culpepper wouldn’t be my choice for this one. Why? Because I think the relative upgrade from Cousins to Culpepper wouldn’t be as large, or as significant, as adding a player from another position. You could add someone like Alan Page or John Randle to the team’s defensive line or Randall McDaniel or Steve Hutchinson to the offensive line and bring the team significantly more improvement.

But the weak spot on this roster, in my opinion, is still in the secondary, and that’s why my pick for this situation is another of my favorite Vikings of all time: Antoine Winfield.

Winfield would immediately give the Vikings’ secondary the sort of presence that they’re lacking at the moment. Not only was Winfield a very, very good cover corner, but we all know that he was never afraid to get his uniform dirty in run support. It was often said during his career that, pound-for-pound, Winfield was the best tackler in the league. That’s the sort of mentality that he could bring to the entire cornerback room, which is still very young and could use the sort of mentorship that a player like Winfield would bring.

That brings us to where you get to chime in, folks. Which player from Minnesota Vikings history (in their prime) would you add to the current Vikings’ roster in an attempt to push them over the top? The Vikings have a lot of names to choose from on this one, so it should be interesting to see who everyone goes with.