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The Battle of Daunte Culpepper vs Kirk Cousins

In “The Real Forno Show”, Tyler discusses the beginning of phase three of Organized Team Activities and the ongoing debate about who the better quarterback is between Daunte Culpepper and Kirk Cousins. Luke Inman compares the two quarterbacks and concludes that Cousins is better based on statistics such as touchdowns, yards, interceptions, and winning percentage. However, Tyler argues that Culpepper is the better choice. The debate continues among reporters, analysts, and fans.

In the latest episode of “The Real Forno Show”, Tyler talks about the beginning of phase three of Organized Team Activities. He wonders what can we get from these practices and what he is most looking forward to seeing.

However, the debate about who the best Minnesota Vikings quarterback is between Daunte Culpepper and Kirk Cousins was re-ignited by PFF’s Sam Monson and Steve Palozzolo on an episode of the PFF NFL Podcast. It’s a difficult conversation to have, but one that needs to happen. Who is better and why is it Culpepper? Luke Inman weighs in with a comparison of the two quarterbacks.

According to Inman, “Cousins has 18 more touchdowns, 800 more yards, 4 more 4th quarter comebacks, 36 less interceptions, 34 less fumbles, better QBR and has won 8 more games with a winning percentage of .582 compared to Culpepper’s .475.”

In conclusion, based on Inman’s comparison, Kirk Cousins is the better quarterback of the two. Will Ragatz, writer for Sports Illustrated, also agrees that the choice is clear and it’s Culpepper. The reporters, analysts, and fans disagree. Who do think is the better QB?

Check out Tyler in this The Real Forno Show on the Vikings 1st & SKOL YouTube channel for more insights and analysis.

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