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“From Coach to Coach”

A great story about the Vikings’ greatest coach and their current one

NFL: Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Tyler brought you the story of the Minnesota Vikings and their fans celebrating the life of legendary coach Bud Grant, who passed away back in March. Head coach Kevin O’Connell spoke at the ceremony that took place at U.S. Bank Stadium on Sunday and related a very nice story about his time with Coach Grant and a special gift that he received.

As it turns out, Coach Grant gave O’Connell the tie that he wore on the day he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1994. Now, he didn’t just give O’Connell the tie or anything. . .he framed it and presented it to him as something he could display going forward.

The gift had a message on it that reads as follows:

Remember a football isn’t round like a basketball or baseball. A football takes funny bounces. You never know which way it will go.

From Coach to Coach,

Gifted by Bud Grant to Kevin O’Connell

In his speech at Coach Grant’s ceremony, O’Connell said that he didn’t know him personally for very long, but their relationship had a great deal of impact on him. Now, he’ll always have something to remember that relationship with any time he wants to.

(Hat tip to the folks from Vikings Territory for catching this one first.)