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Call Your Shot: What will the Vikings’ record be in 2023?

Let us hear your predictions

Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings Photo by Amy Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

We continue to push our way through the long, dark tea time of the offseason and we’re asking for the opinions of our readers on a lot of things. Here’s one that a lot of folks may have already put out there.

Now that we know the Minnesota Vikings’ 2023 schedule and everything about it, we want you to call your shot: What do you think the record will be for the purple in 2023?

A few days ago, yours truly joined Drew and Ted from the aptly-named Vikings Report with Drew and Ted, and all three of us went through the schedule and made our record predictions, my technical issues notwithstanding.

I won’t spoil it completely, other than to say that all three of us came up with the same prediction for the Vikings’ 2023 record. Sure, we’re probably biased. . .actually, we’re totally biased. . .but I think it’s a pretty accurate assertion of what our favorite team is going to do in Kevin O’Connell’s second season at the helm.

So, go ahead and let us know what you think the Vikings will do in 2023 in terms of their record. Do you think there will be a repeat at the top of the NFC North or do you think our favorite team will fall off a bit this season?